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Celebrate Your Divorce On Ice

Category : Divorce Party

Champagne to a divorce is just about as important as the divorce decree! If you are planning a divorce party this summer, Moet has just made things even cooler (literally). Introducing the first-ever champagne served with ice — Moet Ice Imperial. Since your marriage is no longer on the rocks, put the champagne on it!

Served in a stylish white and gold bottle, it has a blend of pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay with notes of tropical fruits such as mango and guava, sweet spices like licorice, red fruits and peppermint. Wow, I am getting thirsty already. At that sassy divorce party in the Hamptons this summer, this will be the must-have drink to cool your Manolo heels!

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Looks refreshing. Nice way to celebrate

Sounds Great!! On my divorce all I had was Strawberry Ripple, but that’s because she took everything, including my bar. I’m really happy to see that divorce today is taking a new slant; positive, empowering and full of good liquor!!! All the best!!

Moet is the best! I need to make some soon to be divorced friends who live in the Hamptons.

How “au courant” of Moet!

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