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On-Screen Couples Curse

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The “reality show” curse is widely spoken about. You know those couples who are happily married, get cast on a reality show and then their marriage (and show) is kaput. Hulk and Linda Hogan, Jon and Kate Gosselin, and the list goes on. But let’s not forget regular TV shows and movies. There have been lots of couples who have appeared on-screen together when they were married or got married after meeting on the show.  Then, after the director said “cut” they cut the marriage ties.

What do you think it is that drives them apart? Is it Hollywood?  Is it fame?  Is it bad ratings?  Tell me your thoughts.  Here are some famous Hollywood formerly married couples who have appeared on-screen together. 

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz (co-starred together on “I Love Lucy”)

Elizabeth Taylor and Ricahrd Burton (appeared together in the films “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf” and “The Comedians”)

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore (appeared together in the film “Mortal Thoughts”)

Kim Basinger and Alec Bladwin (appeared together in the films “The Getaway” and “The Marrying Man”)

Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith (appeared together in the films “Born Yesterday” and “Paradise)

Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid (appeared together in “Innerspace”)

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Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood in “All the Fine Young Cannibals”. Of course, they did get married again after they divorced. Let’s not forget Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson.
I guess Ozzy and Sharon have the only marriage that can withstand sharing the screen together.

I wonder if the relationship is the business bringing and holding them together. The personal relationship is a different story altogether. With all the fame perhaps it is hard to separate.

I believe Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz stayed together as business partners after the marriage broke up.

Some make better business partners then lovers I guess.

On this list could also be Courtney Cox and David Arquette, they were in scream together.

I have to say Rob that my first reaction is Who left him at the alter’? Sorry just had to be real about it. I often read and like your posts hevewor I do find a level of dis-attachment(can that be a term?) and cynicism here- about this topic that saddens me. Sometimes the sarcasm I relate to this time I could hardly read it all .Honestly, ALOT of people do marry without thinking it through. In fact I have a friend who proposed to his girlfriend after baby #2 and to hear the news from him you would think he was telling me he had just run over a box full of kittens . I worry when teenagers get married It can be rough and marriage JUST LIKE HAVING A BABY to fix a relationship DOES make things HARDER etc.And the wedding industry complex that women get DOES create a programmed need for this beast’ that is a wedding. I am engaged and I easily say yes I would marry my fiance right now if you wanted to do the act. In fact I am beginning to detest wedding planning and may just elope anyway because you are right- what matters most to me is committing to the man I love.Anyway, here is my biggest argument with you Marriage is not the only thing that persists despite natural and biological evidence/contradiction/lack of animal equivalence Religion for example? Philosophy? and so on Do animals sit around and discuss their problems with the Dr. Robs of their species??There is a great research study (and probably more..but one that I have cited in my own studies)that shows we are becoming more and more lonely and social isolated- That many of us have ONE person (OR LESS)who we truly go to as a confidant. Why in a time where we are suffering because of a lack of true connection in our society would we want to argue against something that brings people together? Enter into it wisely sure! but I’m surely not giving up on the institution of marriage nor my love of art or philosophy (etc.) so quickly just because some people do it without contemplation or because most animals dont do it . I hardly think I will begin to go naked in public, stop brushing my hair or teeth, or begin to eat my placenta when I give birth (lots of animals do that ) just because it is different than what the animal kingdom does I agree with you on many points for many people. But there is also now scientific data that proves life long love DOES exist in humans, that the brain of some married couples lights up in scans just like that of new couples in infatuation stage. (I’ll go back and find these articles for you if you would like.)As far as the growing apart thing well I can see that. Marriage, just like being a parent or a friend or any social relationship- it takes effort. Sometimes my conservative christian mother probably cant believe that I (a feminist minded liberal among other things) came from her .does that mean tomorrow she is gonna bail and disown me? Nah, we find common ground and we care for each other. Let me tell you my own parents beat the odds too married very young, struggled for years grew apart at times and grew together at times .but they always stayed committed to one another and now they have a relationship they never could have dreamed off. 25 years and still going strong, maybe thats why I believe in it I had a really good, but really realistic example of what married life will be like- through thick and thin.I know my relationship, my compatibility with my man is better than theirs was(hell, I’m even a good 7 years older than they were when they got married which as you said helps my odds tho Im not yet 30) and it WILL take work, but I believe the rewards are far far greater.And believe me, despite the victorian ideals that make us all think men and the wild beasts never to be tamed women aren’t that different we like sex too sometimes with more than one partner in a life time too (OH MY!) .we are just conditioned to act and think and be something else too. So boys cant get off the hook just cause they are supposed to be sewing their precious seed.haha, okay well I’m sure no one will read all of that. But everyone else seemed to fawn over what you are saying so I had to throw some other thoughts in there for ya .

I believe that a lasting marriage is the result of an equal partnership that plays to each person’s differing strengths. If you do not complement each other but rather “compete”, the odds of lasting together are quite slim. Looks and lust last only so long!

It’s all of the above!

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