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Happily Watching “Happily Divorced”

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Last night, I watched the premiere of Fran Drescher’s new sitcom “Happily Divorced.” REALLY cute show! On the show, Fran has been married to the same guy for 18 years only to have him tell her in bed that he is gay. “But we just had sex during Leno,” Fran says. “How gay can you be?”

This sitcom actually mirrors Fran’s real-life as that is exactly what happened to her with her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson. In the series, she and her husband still continue to live together while getting a divorce because he cannot afford to get his own place. This of course allows lots of opportunities for great comedic action. But it also raises the question, under what circumstances could you live with your ex?

“Happily Divorced” airs on TV Land Wednesday nights (10:30 Eastern and Pacific; 9:30 Central). Don’t miss it! To watch Fran, Jacobson and her co-star John Michael Higgins in a recent TV interview on “Joy Behar” promoting the show click here.

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my ex can live with us just over the summer. my kids just got out of school for summer break and it’s a lot of work!

If your husband or wife turns out to be more gay and not just bisexual, I suspect it would be like living with a sibling. You love him or her, but there is no sexual tension!

Sounds quite okay to me.

What a clever idea for a website! I have not seen this show but I will definitely start watching it now. What a crazy situation. I feel like there would be some entertaining moments but it would be way too awkward if either person wanted to start dating or even have friends over.

I love this website and post. Maybe the only time this situation would be comfortable is if there is figure skating or gymnastics on TV, or perhaps a Barbara Streisand movie, but all kidding aside, definitely some weird (and funny) situations would pop up. I definitely have to check out this show.

I’ve learned that you can’t judge anyone. Let them live how they want to live as long as they are happy and loving life.

this show was so funny. Love the Nanny and now love this. I will keep watching.

Fran is a extremely talented actress and writer. She deserves the best.

Gonna watch the show. Been a fan of Fran Drescher. Thanks for the suggestion. Great blog by the way.

I couldn’t live with an ex under any circumstances. I think Fran is a strong and dynamic woman who is reaching out to an audience that she can help with humor from her own experiences being divorced.

If my ex was as gorgeous as Fran I could live with her.

I can’t wait to see the show. Sounds amazing. What a great blog site.

Must have been so heartbreaking, and left so many doubts in her mind about trust.

Love this show and love this blog! Fran is terrific and I think the show’s premise is so relevant in today’s culture so I’m happy that there’s a blog that supports newly divorced situations!

Fran is incredible, and the blog is amazing!

Absolutely blown away by the clip, because I thought this was going to be so “WIll & Grace!” There is a learning curve going on here more serious with the sensitivity and sensational Fran comedy of real life at the same time.
Thanks, Lois would not have known, but for you.

Can’t wait to watch this show, sounds really funny!

Have been a longtime fan of Fran D. I remember when her personal story came out. Although tough, it looks like she’s found the comedy in it…hubby too!!!
BTW…cool site!

Have always loved Fran Drescher, very clever show. But this blog is imaginative and smart, perfect for the subject. There should be a match in here somewhere.

Fran D – Back in action! Thank the good lord that real TV is on it’s way back.

I am a great Fran Dresher fan and so look forward to the show.I heard her story on Oprah…it’s got so much potentail for a good series.She’s so talented.

Looking forward to it.

It’s like living with a best friend. What could be bad!

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