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Superman Single?

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Rumors are swirling around the comic book world that Superman and Lois Lane are headed for a divorce.  With a lot of changes occurring at DC comics they are looking to revamp the series and hinting at a possible break-up.  I have a few questions.  Is Lois getting divorced from Superman or Clark Kent?  Will she get the Fortress of Solitude in the split?  Will she date Lex Luthor just to piss him off?  I heard that Lois is in talks with Maria Schriver’s divorce attorney.  (Kidding)

Here is the report from MSNBC:

Last month, comic book publishing giant DC Comics caused a small media uproar when Superman renounced his U.S. citizenship in the Action Comics #900 issue. At the time, Newsarama wondered how long the change would even be relevant, since a major summer comic series called “Flashpoint” was promising to change the DC Universe, the publisher’s fictional world.

The controversy regarding the status of Superman’s citizenship may indeed be short-lived, as the question of the Man of Steel’s marital status seems poised to take center stage this fall.

While DC hasn’t confirmed or commented on the situation at the time of publication, questions are beginning to emerge within the comics community as to whether Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s 15-year marriage will survive the publisher’s post-“Flashpoint” revamp of their core comic book line in September.

Wow!  Who’s next?  Fred and Wilma Flinstone?  Popeye and Olive Oil?  (Or, wait, were they ever married?) Anyway, for the list of reasons why Superman may be single by the Fall, check out the article with Superman experts chiming in by clicking here

If this goes through I want to throw Lois Lane a divorce party.  Do you think they will get divorced?

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Maybe Lois is tired of him and she is moving on to The Green Lantern. He is more popular right now.

They were never married.

Rather a ridiculous idea. After all, fairy tales are supposed to have only happy, unrealistic endings.

Superman isn’t real? I’m crushed and permanently disillusioned!

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