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This week marks the 20th Anniversary of director Spike Lee’s controversial film Jungle Fever. The movie tells the story of a married African-American man named Flipper (played by Wesley Snipes) who has an affair with his female Italian-American co-worker Angie (played by Annabella Sciorra) from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. When this relationship gets revealed Flipper’s wife throws him out of the house and Angie’s strict old-school Italian father (played by Frank Vincent) is so livid,  that he actually beats her up in an emotional and heartwrenching scene.

If you haven’t seen the film, it’s definitely one to watch.  A cast of true acting talent that includes, Anthony Quinn, Samuel L. Jackson, Halle Berry, Queen Latifah, Tim Robbins, John Turturro, Michael Imperioli and Debi Mazar, among others.  Lee brings the drama of a cheating husband to the audience in a realistic way.  The added interracial complications between the families really heighten the drama.        

In 1991, Jungle Fever had everyone talking at the time.  The movies ends with Flipper actually going back to his wife.  We never know if they end up getting a divorce or if they stayed together.  There’s no Jungle Fever 2, so do you think they lasted as a couple in movieland? Can a married couple really last through cheating? 

The complications with the interracial aspect of the relationship in the film is so different twenty years later.   Now there are countless successful interracial marriages in the public eye, including Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian, Seal and Heidi Klum, Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel, David Bowie and Iman, among others. It’s also not just black and white, but other ethnicities like Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos and legendary couples in history like John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

What famous interracial married couples come to your mind?  Click here for the  Jungle Fever Trailer

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Vic Damone and Diahann Carroll

Interracial marriages in a non-issue for me, and thankfully more and more people. I don’t think it has an impact on the issue of marital cheating.

Lack of commitment, honesty, integrity, morality, etc., are issues for all human beings to come to grips with individually. And, we all have feet of clay!

i love interracial marriages.

If everyone in the world racially intermarried, who would go to war with whom? Who would judge? Same for inter-marriage between religions.

TIME. There are no short cuts so don’t try to find them. You won’t find them in alcohol, payrting, or another man’s pants. Spend time alone even if you hate to. This will help you re-discover who you are and why you fell for such a jerk. Also, find a friend or local group of divorcees that meet so you can be around others in your situation. Yes you can talk to your married and never-been-married friends/relatives, but they truly have no clue what you’re going through. Being around those who do will speed your healing. Make a list of everything you are losing with the end of your marriage (good and bad). Cry over the stuff you’ll miss. Feel over excitement over the things you won’t. Write a Ball and Chain list. It’s like a Bucket List except it’s everything you want to accomplish before getting into another relationship which will steal time away from you. Do you want to travel? FInish school? Get in better shape? Attend a dinner party as a single in a room full of couples without feeling intimidated or uncomfortable? Make it a long list and stick do completing it before finding a new man. Make a list re-evaluating who you are and who you want to become. Work toward that.I hope this helps. These are the things I’ve done since I divorced who I’d always thought was the love of my life but he turned out to be a compulsive liar and cheater. So far it’s working. I have good days and bad, but overall, I’ve learned to be so much happier because he can no longer make me cry. I’ve taken the reins.

Sammy davis jr. and may britt

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