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One Divorce Party Thrown By Both Exes

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On this site, I love to cover divorce parties.  I mean, who doesn’t like a party, right?  Divorce parties are something I been attending for a while, especially after having my own one back in the day.  With more and more divorces happening these days, it seems like the divorce party concept is really picking up steam.  And why not?  Chances are you went through a rough divorce and it’s time to let down your hair a bit and celebrate moving on.  While divorce parties are usually done individually by the ex-spouses, it seems that some couples are jointly doing the party together!  Wow, that is a new twist on the concept.  This past weekend’s “Style” section of The New York Times followed a powerful NYC couple’s joint divorce party.  To read the article click here.

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A bit absurd to me. Celebrating together makes no sense… shouldn’t be that easy to end marriage….

Georgia, when a couple has the kind of money that they do according to this article, people may walk away with a tad less resentment and a bit more comfort to move forward…

Awe! I’m glad we found each other too during the blog party. I was not going to do Twitter for a long time as I did not need one more thing to do. Now it is my thing and I rarley check FB

Divorce is rough so why not have a party. Hope more people do this, especially if they have children.

Ok this post was highly etntrnaieing and I have to laugh at the title of chick with badass blog hehe. You pretty much summed Facebook up. I once heard that Facebook is the place where you have strangers that used to be friends & Twitter is the place where you have strangers that should be your friends! So true. Glad I met you on this big bad internet & thanks for introducing me to the wine party!

[...] ones.  If you can’t beat ’em join ‘em.   A couple of weeks ago we wrote an article about a wealthy married couple in New York City who were throwing their own dual divorce bash.  [...]

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