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Filling Up Space

Category : Divorce Ritual, Healing

Once your divorce is final, you get into your bed and now it’s half empty. You look in the closet and it’s half empty. The medicine cabinet is also half empty. Your exes faves are not in the fridge, leaving lots more room. What do you do with all that empty space? It could be a real sad or a real happy moment…actually sort of bitter sweet.

How do you fill up all of this space that you feel is empty, so your house feels fully lived-in by you. First, the closet is sooo easy. Spread your clothes out a bit and you may have to twist your own arm to buy a few more shoes to fill up the floor. The fridge is also super easy. Stock it up with all of your favorite goodies and healthy things that will help you achieve that post divorce bod! How do you handle filling up space in your the bed? Brad Pitt would be good for starters! Seriously, you can add some more pillows (like the one above!). Or, some stuffed animals and a good book you’re reading before bed a good night’s sleep.

Space is a good thing because you’re making room for the right thing to occupy it. Hopefully, one day, that space in your bed will be filled up with a new love that will be forever.

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The best thing to do is redecorate! It is time for a new look and starting with dressing up the space made me feel so much better.

Out with the old and get ready for the new future ahead!

Even just changing all the rooms around helps. My boys were 5 and 9 at the time so I moved them into their own bedrooms as well as painting the whole house and putting in new carpets and curtains. Boy, did I feel good when I was done.

How much you need to do depends on you!

A friend of mind Sherry, took the walls out and expanded with an addition to entertain the grandkids. It was a sort of replacement for her.

Try it, it works!

Box bed are available in the makert. you can store your bedding and other items of use. under the bed is another option. if you have an attached bathroom you can get small cabinets fixed there for storage too.

A cute, snuggly dog (or even a sweet cat) can help fill the bed space! And, no human being is capable of giving you their kind of unconditional love. A dog is so very happy whenever you come home and very sad whenever you leave…

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