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Divorce Among 50 and Older on the Rise

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Great piece in The New York Times about how divorce has increased among people 50 and older.  Here are some highlights from Sam Roberts’ article “Divorce After 50 Grows More Common”:

*In 1990, 1 in 10 persons who divorced was 50 or older. By 2011, according to the census’s American Community Survey, more than 28 percent (more than 1 in 4) who said they divorced in the previous 12 months were 50 or older.

*Most divorces among older couples, as in younger ones, are initiated by women.  “Women have long been more sensitive to — or less tolerant of — a mediocre relationship than men,” Professor Coontz said, “and so another big factor is that with their increased work experience and greater sense of their own possibilities, they are less willing to just ‘wait it out.’

*Robert D. Gould, a New York trial lawyer who handles matrimonial cases and himself was divorced when he was over 50, said: “A lot of marriages died a long time ago, but because of the shame involved, in a family people often stuck together for the children. Now the children are grown up. Viagra is another reason — men are able to satisfy younger women. And people are living longer and they can get out and still have a life.”

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Cher on Divorce

Category : Celebrity

Cher opened up recently to USA Today about her divorce in 1975 to Sonny Bono and the struggles she went through during that time in her life.  She was down financially and worked hard to recover.  ”I thought I’d never climb out of that hole,” she said. “I had no money, and I had to pay him $2 million. It took a long time. I worked my way into a spot in Las Vegas playing two shows a night. My managers were making more money than I was. I pride myself on still being here. A lot of people were gigantic, and then they were gone.”

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A Timeout in Your Marriage

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My latest article is up on The Huffington Post entitled, “Can Taking a Timeout Save Your Marriage?”  Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have recently decided to take some time apart to figure things out. It seems like a new and hopefully helpful way to try to save a marriage. Here is some of my article:

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have decided to take some time apart.  While a divorce could be in their future, they are apparently taking a moment to themselves to see if that is where they want to go.  The majority of celebrities and other’s whose marriages are faltering usually go right toward filing for a divorce.  This decision by Douglas and Zeta-Jones could be setting a new trend of timeout’s in marriages.

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Creative Divorce Cakes

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Every divorce party needs a divorce cake! It’s real fun to get creative and move on in style. The Huffington Post offers some fun cakes to take a look at! Check them out by clicking here.