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Celebrity Divorce Party

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It seems that Katie Holmes is marking moving on from Tom Cruise with a divorce party.  “We understand she’s marking the occasion with a ‘divorce party’,” reports British magazine Grazia. “The mood will be ‘enjoyable and emotional’ with Katie wanting to thank them for their support throughout a momentous year.”

The divorce party is reportedly going to be held at The Jane in New York City. Sounds like fun! Great way to move on!!

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Talk Your Way Into Your Next Relationship

Category : Huffington Post

My latest article for The Huffington Post has been posted. It’s entitled, “Talk Your Way Into Your Next Relationship.” Please hit the “like” button and pass it along to anyone you feel it may help! Below is an excerpt from the article. Thanks so much!!

Married couples who don’t communicate often find themselves in a divorce.  Everybody needs a partner that they can talk with or they will begin to drift apart. If you don’t communicate with your spouse, your spouse may look elsewhere.  So if you got divorced, shouldn’t you try to your best to communicate more effectively in your next relationship?

With texting, email, Facebook and Twitter, there are many ways to communicate without talking these days. And it seems like some people prefer these alternatives.  Sure, sending a text instead calling does save time. However, talking is the best way to work out your problems, especially the ones that can damage your relationship.  Remember, if you want to get married again you still have to say “I do” and you can’t text it!  Here are some ways to help you communicate better with your next partner.

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Co-Parenting In Hollywood

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Co-parenting is really tough, so I can imagine how difficult it must be in Hollywood. There are many parents being acknowledged by the press as doing a positive co-parenting job together, which is always great to see. From Bruce Willis and Demi Moore to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and more, celebs might not have been able to save their marriage but they are on the same page as parents.  The Huffington Post posted a recent article about celeb mom and dads who got it right with co-parenting.

Dramatic, drawn-out divorces may be a common occurrence in Hollywood, but these celeb couples prove that splitting up doesn’t have to be an all-out war — especially when there are kids involved. To read the rest of the article click here.

Don’t Make Break-Up Mistakes

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Are you making break-up mistakes? In my latest article for YourTango I offer a list of mistakes that you can’t afford to repeat after your break-up.

Break-ups can be upsetting for both people involved.  While the two of you may be ready to move on, change can be a tough thing for people to deal with.  Many of us make similar break-up mistakes as we make an attempt to move forward. We often look to the past because it represents a comfort zone.

If you recently broke up with someone, here are five break-up mistakes you should avoid. If you do, you will get over your ex faster!

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