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Are You Considering A Break-Up?

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My latest article for looks at why someone may want to end a relationship if they’re not happy:
8 Reasons You Should Consider Breaking-Up

Sometimes we get so used to being in a relationship with someone –even a bad relationship– we forget what it felt like when things were good. There are lots of problems, but we avoid them. And when we do see them, we sometimes don’t do anything.

There are many signs that a break-up could be imminent. While cheating is obviously a huge reason to end a relationship, there are many others. And many have to do with some kind of a breakdown in communication. So what are the signs? This list contains reasons that are at the base of every relationship.

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When You’re Over An Ex

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When do you know that you’re over an ex?  Check out my latest article for The Huffington Post:

After divorce, we turn to the people who are near and dear to us for support (and perhaps drive them crazy). Then, we tell everyone that we are over our ex. However, even though we are showing a brave front, everyone knows that we are not really past the split yet.

It takes time to put the pieces back together, and nobody can predict how long it’s going to take. Depending on how much time you spent with the person and how it ended, the post-split healing process can be really challenging. But there is no better feeling than when you have come out the other side and put the split — and the relationship — behind you. How do you know when you’re finally over your ex? Here are seven signs that you have moved on.

You don’t talk about your ex anymore: During the split, you probably spoke about your ex a lot with friends and family. When you don’t talk about your ex anymore, it is a good sign that he or she is behind you.

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