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Post-Divorce Diet

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If you’re newly divorced, you probably have some new goals set for yourself. Since you’re probably heading back into the singles scene you may want to get your body back to where you want it to be. Proper diet and excercise is not only good for you physically, but equally good for you mentally.  So with so many diet plans out there, which one do you choose for that post divorce bod? How about the cat woman diet? Yes, I said the cat woman diet. If you have seen the new Dark Knight Rises movie then you saw Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, one of the standout performances in the film. There was a lot of CGI in the movie, but none was used to get her into that tight black body suit. So how did she do it? With a diet filled with lots of healthy anti-inflammatory foods. Find out by clicking here.

The Divorce Ritual in Today’s NY Post

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“The Divorce Ritual” is in today’s New York Post. Cindy Adams wrote a really fun piece with some quotes from my new book! Check it out by clicking here.

Pick up my new book by clicking here.

Quickie Divorce

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I have an article in the popular blog Stacy Knows about 6 reasons for a quickie divorce.  To check it out click here.

Quick Divorces

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I was just thinking about the Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce. One of the biggest stars in the world gets divorced and it almost seems like a non-event?
For one week it’s all over the media and then the next week it’s gone and forgotten. While the lack of continual coverage is refreshing, I wonder since it all seemed to happen so fast that either one of them actually had time to start healing. Whether you’re a big star or not, everybody hurts after a divorce. Everyone goes through the stages of mourning that you need to go through after a marriage ends. It is important to give yourself time to heal. Maybe much of that was done before the papers were filed.

Hope they’re doing well. R.I.P. TOMKAT (one of my favorite celeb couple nicknames).

Divorce Parties In Australia

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Yahoo News Australia just ran an article about divorce parties.  You can read my quotes in the article by clicking here.

Quote of the Day

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Upcoming Divorce Book

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Married at Fourteen: A True Story

There is an upcoming book about divorce that may be one part shocking two parts interesting. When I saw the title, “Married at 14,” it immediately caught my eye (probably because I couldn’t believe my eyes).  Here is the decription from the book:

Lucille Lang Day got married at age 14, gave birth to her first child at 15, divorced her husband at 16, married him again at 17, and left him at 18 to go back to school. Today she is an award-winning poet and holds an M.A. in English and M.F.A. in creative writing from San Francisco State University, an M.A. in zoology and a Ph.D. in science and mathematics education from the University of California at Berkeley. Her memoir, Married at Fourteen, is a story full of hope and encouragement for those who find themselves in challenging circumstances. Her successful quest for fulfillment in romance, marriage, motherhood, education, and career shows that we need not give up, no matter how far we have veered from our goals.

The book is not going to be released till October, but I would say she has been through more by the time she was 18 than many of us at 50. And getting married a second time to the same guy at 17? Wow, this is going to be one unique story. Here is an article the author recently wrote for the Huffington Post.  

A New Friend

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When a divorce happens we go from being with someone all the time to being alone. Depending on how your marriage ended, this is probably a welcome change for most.  But what can often happen is we can become set in our own ways if we are alone for a long period of time. After months and possibly years go by, we now become used to being alone and doing things our own way. This can make things difficult when you do finally meet somone you like and want to start a relationship with them. Nobody likes someone set in their ways. A relationship is about give and take. A friend of mine told me that even though they were alone, they didn’t want to become one of those divorcee’s who become set in their ways. So they immediately got a pet after their divorce. Not only can a pet offer you company during this time of need, they can keep you focused on not just yourself.  A pet has needs too and it helps you to consider another living creature as well. If you always wanted a pet, right after a divorce is a great time to get one. A dog or cat can certainly put a smile on your face.  It’s always welcoming when you come home after a long day. Long walks with your dog will also be good to keep you in shape and active. It’s so important to get out of your house and enjoy mother nature. Smell the roses because this is the beginning of a new you and a new life.  Look for a pet adoption location in your area. Make your new home a happy one.  

We All Need Some Help & Support

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We all need some help and like-minded people around us when going through a divorce. But if most of your friends are happily married, how do you find someone who is going through the same issues? You should start your own divorce support group. If you’re not sure how, take a moment to read my latest article for The Huffington Post by clicking here.

Reality TV Divorce Curse Strikes Again

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In the world of reality television, the reality has been divorce for many. The cameras rolling can prove to be too much on a couple. Maybe a couple had cracks in the foundation of their relationship before the camera crew showed up. Or, maybe it was the instant stardom. Either way, a split is a split and picking up the pieces afterwards is even more difficult in the public eye.

The latest couple to fall prey to the TV reality curse is Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif.  “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars are ending they marriage after nine years of marriage and three sons together.  Maloof said to the Hufifngton Post,  ”I am devoted to my children and nothing else is as important as giving them the shelter and care that I have always made my priority!”

It’s a shame to see this happen. They did look like one of the happier couples on reality television during the first two seasons of the show. To read more click here.