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Latest Article For SheKnows

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Even though you’re divorced from your ex, your children are not! Read my latest article for SheKnows for tips on how to move forward in the wake of a divorce by clicking here.

New Huffington Post Article

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Are quick divorce settlements the new trend in Hollywood? Well, it seemed to work for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. So many benefits to end a divorce quickly and efficiently. Less stress for all! Here is my latest article on the subject for The Huffington Post. Read it by clicking here.

Are You Free Friday Night?

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Now that the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes marriage is completely over, many are talking about who they should date next. The Hollywood Reporter took a poll with Kim Kardashian, topping the list for Tom (oh boy!). While that is what the tabloids would have a field day with, is it the best thing to start dating immediately after a divorce? Sure, you have to get back there, but it’s important to take your time — especially if you have children. You have a sea of emotions that you have to deal with after the break-up. However, when you are ready to take the leap there are lots of helpful tips in my new book The Divorce Ritual.

In the chapter “Suddenly Single,” I get into dating tips for the new divorcee. Take a look at a few sample divorce rituals by clicking here.

The Divorce Ritual In The Press

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My new book The Divorce Ritual has been currently making the rounds in the press with more to come! Below are some links to a few recent articles about me and the book. Share them on Twitter, Facebook and with your friends! Anybody going through  divorce will appreciate your help and thinking of them. Thanks!

*Huffington Post

*MORE Magazine

*L.A. Parent

Quick Celeb Divorce, Who Knew?

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The divorce ended quickly between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. One would think it would drag on, but maybe this is a sign of things to come…quicker divorces for all. Heck, if Cruise and Holmes can do it in no time flat, why can’t all of us? It seems they were trying to settle it quickly for Suri and isn’t it all about the kids. Maybe this is the quickest celebrity divorce in history. Do divorces really need to be dragged out? Let me know your thoughts. And isn’t it time to throw Katie Holmes a divorce party?! 

Here is the article from CNN, click here.

What’s Your Ritual?

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Hi all! I wanted to share this nice email I got with you. Here we go…


I first want to thank you for writing The Divorce Ritual. Finally something to make me laugh in this whole divorce dibacle.  Anyway, I wanted to share a ritual with you that I did last week. I call it “The Run” and it involves my dog. My ex and I brought our dog together to the same dog run all the time. Felt a bit strange going there now alone. So I Googled and found a new one not far away. I switched things up and glad I did. Great dog run! Sam (that’s my dogs name) loved it. I also met another dog owner there who was quite handsome. Our dogs met, then we met and exchanged numbers. We’ll see! Thanks a lot Lois.


Email me your divorce rituals ( and I will post them! Don’t forget to check out my book The Divorce Ritual.

The Number 33

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It was just announced — and unless you have been living under a rock — you know that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are headed for divorce.  Katie filed in New York City and is looking for sole custody of their daughter Suri. While there are so many articles and reports in the news, I found an interesting consistency in all of Tom Cruise’s three divorces. Every wife of his filed when she was 33 years old. Is this just a coincidence? Or, is there something about a woman who is heading into her mid-30s that she comes to certain realizations and is looking for a change. I do know that certain ages can play a factor in a divorce. Women look to maybe want to have a child with someone else and want to leave that option open. What do you think? Is age just a number when it comes to divorce or is there more to it?