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Ritualize Your Divorce

Category : Huffington Post

My latest article for the divorce section of “The Huffington Post” came out today. It’s entitled, Ritualize Your Divorce, and covers how I came up with the idea for my ”divorce rituals” as well as the how they helped me move on! To read my article click here.

Nora Ephron

Category : Celebrity

It always amazes me that when a famous person dies that there is a outpouring of grief from people who didn’t know them. Sometimes though, people you have never met really touch you. Nora Ephron did that to me.

I would read her books and laugh so hard. I saw her plays and was always moved.  In certain parts, her movies made me cry.  But they always ended up making me feel good at the end.
She was the writer that I wish I could be.

Through her writing, it felt like we went through so many life changes together. And she always wrote about her experiences with such dignity. She wrote about what I was thinking better than I could ever articulate it myself.  Her wit, humor and zaniness will be seriously missed. Rest in peace special lady.


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My latest article was just posted on It covers parental etiquette after a divorce. Take a read by clicking here. Let me know your thoughts!

Same-Sex Divorce Is Not Treated The Same

Category : Favorite Articles, Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage has been a major part of the news over the past few years. Even though a gay couple may get their wish to be a normal married couple, what happens when they want to be a normal divorced couple?  Yes, these days you can’t think of marriage without thinking about divorce. Not that any one enters a marriage to get divorced, but the current stats are proof you have to look at all sides. And if you are a same-sex married couple and want to end your union, it can be tricky. According to CNN, “If a marriage should fall apart in a state that doesn’t recognize the couple’s legal status in the first place, that’s when things get complicated. Some states that do not allow same-sex marriages to be performed also do not grant divorces for same-sex marriages that occurred outside of the state’s borders. It’s a tricky situation when a couple wants to dissolve their same-sex marriage, and neither spouse is a resident of a state that recognizes their marriage as legal and valid.”

So what happens if you’re in a state that doesn’t recognize same sex marriage and you want a divorce….nothing! “And in the case of Port and Cowan, a Maryland judge ruled in 2010 that the state’s constitution could not recognize their divorce, and denied their filing. They were both Maryland residents when they sought to dissolve their marriage, and Maryland was not a state that recognizes same-sex marriage.”

For more on this article click here.

A Financial Look At Divorce

Category : Divorce Rate, Favorite Articles

There is an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about divorce.  While it talks about the business-side of handling your post-marriage life, it sheds light on new statistics and preparation that’s sure to be helpful.  Even though summer is all about marriages as oppossed to divorce, new stats say that 10% will end in divorce during the first five years.  So get smart and look at things with an open eye. You may end up happily ever after, or happy as soon as the divorce papers go through.  Either way, some useful divorce info can help.

To read the article click here.

When Your Ex Passes Away, What Do You Do?

Category : Break-Up

Just talked to a friend who was divorced a number of years ago.  She was in a real quandry. Her ex-husband had just passed away and she didn’t know what to do or how to feel.  I had absolutly no advice to give her and was hoping someone out there might. 

We always feel sad when someone we know passes away.  But when it is someone you have shared your life with for a period of time, then parted ways, what do you do?  I imagine the intensity of your feelings have to do with how long you were married, how long you have been divorced, if you had children together, and well so many variables. 
Do you immediatly drop what you are doing and go to try to confort the persons new family? If you had children together, I would think you would want to be with them to help them get through a difficult time. 

I wasn’t exactly sure how to help her when she asked me, and I am hoping someone out there has some input

Divorce Parties Abound

Category : Divorce Party

Wow, just looked on YouTube for divorce parties.  There are so many of them!  Looks like this concept is really becoming main stream.  It is exciting because I know and many of you know that they really help both with healing and closure. You can participate in lots of rituals that will help.  They can be as ex bashing as you want or as celebratory of you in your new role and your journey. 

I would love to hear from people who have actually had parties.  What was the best part? The most difficult part? The most healing thing that you actually did?

Let me know.


Water Is The Way

Category : Health

Has your divorce got your feeling on edge? Are you irritable? Do you feel tense? Do you have low energy? Sure your divorce can take it’s toll on you, but it just might not be only the divorce. New tests show that dehydration can affect someone’s mood.

A research study (published in the Journal of Nutrition) on young women found that a mild state of dehydration was associated with degraded mood, increased perception of task difficulty, and headache symptoms. Interestingly, most aspects of cognitive performance was not affected.Another study with young men (published in the British Journal of Nutrition) found that mild dehydration increased fatigue and tension/anxiety. It also induced adverse changes in vigilance and working memory.

 It is recommended that you drink eight, 8-ounce glasses of water a day. So while you’re on the phone with your divorce attorney, make sure you have a glass of water with you. No need to be angry twice!

Learn “More” About The Divorce Ritual

Category : MORE Magazine

If you would like to learn more about my new book check out this article in MORE Magazine. “The Divorce Ritual” has a whole chapter dedicated to throwing a fabulous divorce party. Get your party planning tips by clicking here.