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Divorce Day Holiday Challenge #3

Category : Holidays

A geeting card can be quite the greeting to everyone in your life after you are divorced. The Your Divorce Day Holiday Challenge #3 is to get a new holiday card that represents the new you. You may want to mark this with a photo of yourself and your kids alone. Or if you have pets, you could take a picture with your furry best friends solo.  If you decided to go back to your original maiden name, put that on the card as it’s another step toward saying goodbye to yesterday and hello to today. The point of this is to move on and marking the holiday with a card alone is a sure sign to everyone — including yourself — that this relationship is behind you.

Do you send a card to your ex? That is entirely up to you, but I say go for it! It shows you hold no animonsity (and the return address on the envelope reminds him where to send the alimoney check if he conveniently forgot). This holiday is about you and a card is a great way to wish your loved ones Happy Holidays and give you the chance to, yet again, mark your freedom.

A Man’s Take On Divorce

Category : Favorite Articles

There is a great article in the Huffington Post entitled, “Why It Doesn’t Feel Good To Be Butt Naked In Front Of Your Ex-Wife While She’s Laughing At You.” This is the tale of a man who actually married his college crush — scratch that, DREAM girl — only to end in divorce after two years together. The story is heart-wrenching, heartwarming and hysterical!

This article is a great look at divorce from the man’s point of view and how he found the strength to move on and find humor in the situation. This is one you have to read, so click here!

Divorce Day Holiday Challenge #2

Category : Holidays

I am sure that you will be making your way to the mall to do some holiday shopping (if you haven’t already). Head out with a friend and pick up something for the people you love. Also, while you’re at the mall stop by one of the restaurants and have a meal and a cocktail. Afterwards, you will need to complete your next challenge.

Your Divorce Day Holiday Challenge #2: Sit on Santa’s lap!

You may have a photo of you and your ex on Santa’s lap from back in the day. That’s one of those things most newly married couples do around the holidays. Since it’s your first holiday alone in a long time, set a new tradition. Get a photo of you on Santa’s lap. Maybe use it as your Christmas card. Or, put the photo up on Facebook. Tweet it to the world on Twitter.  Tell all of your friends that Santa is the one man who wants you to be naughty AND nice!

Be Prepared

Category : Emergency

Two nights ago, the power went out in parts of southern California and it got me thinking.  (Well, there’s not much else to do with absolutely no lights at night.)  What if you are newly divorced and this type of emergency was always a ”Daddy job?”  Do you know what to do? You need to be prepared, especially if you have children. Kids and pets can get nervous. So now that you’re the head of the household, how do you keep things in order until the lights go back on?

First off, there needs to be a place in your home that’s accessible where everyone can find the following:

1) Flashlights

2) Battery operated radio

3) Candles and matches (make sure you light them)

4) Snacks (granola bars, dried fruit, etc.)

If you have an automatic garage door, do you know how to operate it when you have no power? It isn’t difficult.  There is a lever you pull down, and then you can manually open the garage door.  But it is much better to find out how to do it now, then when you are faced with a total black out and scrambling to find it.

Do you only have a cordless phone? Keep one regular phone that does not need to be charged just in case your cell runs out of battery. If you have an iPhone I suggest purchasing one of those phone charging cases.

Actually there are all sorts of weather related emergencies, and these tips could help you weather all of those storms!  What else do you suggest?