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Divorced Diva Costume Alert

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Wishing you all a wonderful Halloween!  It seems like there were lots of parties over the weekend and lots of fun costumes.  Nicole Richie (pictured above) dressed up as the divorced diva of the year Jennifer Lopez.  This was a great idea!  I have to say she looks like J-Lo.  Let me know if you see anyone else dressed as”Jenny from the block” trick or treating on your block.

Is The Cougar Craze Coming To A Close?

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Are cougars putting away their claws? It’s interesting to see how a few years ago cougars were all the rage…rather, all the ROAR! Women  were looking for the carefree and adventurous fun that a younger man offered them. Over the past year, it’s looking like those relationships in Hollywood that had the media in a frenzy seem to have run their course.

Most recently, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher seem to be headed towards divorce. Of course, you can’t believe everything you read (except here of course…lol), but it certainly appears that they are close to ending it. Halle Berry broke up with her model ex Gabriel Aubry and she seems quite happy in the arms of actor Olivier Martinez. They are the same age, by the way.

Do you think that these cougar relationships between two people that are so far apart  in age can ultimately work?  Are they just a fling or could they last forever? Let’s hear your thoughts.

The Simple Life

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Remember when you were back in your teen years and fell in love for the first time. All you wanted to do with your free time was spend it with your boyfriend. It didn’t matter if you were just sitting next to each other on his parents couch watching a movie or walking in the local park holding hands, even the uneventful things were an event.

As we get older, our expectations certainly rise for what we consider a good time or a memorable date in general. We expect much more out of a partner and often become entertainment directors ourselves in the process. However, let’s not forget about the simple things you can share as a couple in life. If you begin dating again after a divorce and find yourself falling for someone, I ask you to remember to go back to the simple enjoyments once in a while. Sure you can go to that new hot five star restaurant. A trip to Punta Cana is certainly memorable as well. But don’t forget a trip together to the local beach filled with kids and sand castles. Go to the supermarket together and cook a meal at home. Or, have a picnic in the park and enjoy the fall foliage or a spring breeze as a couple.

Living life to the fullest after a divorce is filling it with great people and simple pleasures that you can enjoy together.

Quote Of The Day

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“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”Helen Keller

It’s About Respect

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It’s always a shame after a couple’s divorce is finalized– whether, they are famous or not — when they start talking about the reasons why it didn’t work in a negative fashion.  At that point, what’s the point?

During an interview with Piers Morgan this past Monday, actor Kelsey Grammer said his ex-wife Camille was just interested in his status as Frasier and not him as Kelsey the person.  “I think she married me because I was ‘Frasier,’” he boldly said.

Why was Kelsey interested in Camille?  It had nothing to do with the fact that she was a beautiful, young, former Playboy model?  For both of them, I am sure these factors played out in their initial attraction.  But one would assume and hope that they loved and respected each other as human beings at some point in their marriage.  They had beautiful children together and Kelsey needs to focus on the positives.  In fact, Kelsey should keep quiet for the sake of his children because Camille is, and will always be, their mother.  At this point in their lives, it’s about respect.


Music To A Divorce Attorney’s Ears

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When you think about the history of music, there was an era when the husband and wife singing duo was music to everyone’s ears.  Over the years, it seems to have become extinct and if you think deeply about it, you can probably understand why.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to not only be married to someone, but be their business partner in a music act as well.  Taking a vacation together is one thing, but going on tour together performing city after city is quite another. It may very well be the ultimate challenge of endurance for any couple.  That’s probably why so many of them have not only broken up as a performing act, but as husband and wife as well.

Sure, today you have people dating who are working together on movie sets and music tours.  For some, working together can work out if you both have very specific responsibilities and you  allow the other to do their thing and not cross each others boundaries.
But sometimes it’s not easy to work together when you’re married. In fact, you have to go way back to find a husband and wife singing duo in a group or by themselves that were successful.  While Ashford & Simpson and Johnny and June Cash stayed together, these acts hardly exist anymore.  Maybe it’s a lesson to not mix business with pleasure, especially the entertainment business.   Below are five classic husband and wife singing duos that definitely were famous and their divorces equally infamous.

Ike & Tina Turner










Louis Prima & Keely Smith








Sonny & Cher










John & Michelle Phillips







The WE In HalloWEen

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Halloween is a great holiday for a recent divorcee and her divorced friends to implement their single mind-set. No sure how? If you are not used to being alone, life can be a bit scary, especially on Halloween.  A great way to put yourself through the ultimate Halloween test as a newly single woman is with a scary movie night.  Muahhhhhh! You spent years grabbing your husband’s arm while watching scary movies. Sorry, but he wasn’t going to protect you from Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers or good ol’ Jason (especially when he fell asleep during almost every movie).  To be honest, Freddy is not that scary. He just needs a good manicure.

Get together with your divorced friends and do a movie night at your house on Halloween Eve. Pick two REALLY scary films and watch them together.  Scream, shriek and have fun together!  You will survive the film without grabbing onto your ex. Remember, it’s a metaphor for what lies ahead in life.  Sometimes, it’s scary but you will make it through no matter what.

Get together with your girlfriends and put the WE in HalloWEen this year! To see a list of great movies to choose from click here.

Divorced TV Characters We Love

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With Fran Drescher’s new show “Happily Divorced” being brought back for another season on TV Land, it got me thinking about all of the strong, divorced female and male characters on television shows throughout the years. Below are some of the ones that have made a lasting impression on me as well as TV audiences across the globe.

One of my favorite characters from “Sex and the City” is Charlotte York. After dating a lot of men, Charlotte found what she thought was true love with Trey MacDougal and they got married. His mother causes a sea of problems and drama for poor Charlotte. After Trey couldn’t commit to having a child or separating from his mother , Charlotte eventually divorced him and found love with her divorce lawyer Harry Goldenblatt.  They marry and, for Charlotte, the second time proves to be a charm!

“Desperate Housewives” fans all enjoy watching the divorced girl next door, Susan Delfino, played by Teri Hatcher. Susan has spent many seasons trying to find love on Wisteria Lane.  The shows creator Marc Cherry once said, “I knew Susan was going to be my anchor character, and I didn’t really know my take on her at first. And then it occurred to me that one of these women should be divorced.”

“On November 13th Felix Ungar was asked to remove himself from his place of residence.  That request came form his wife.” That was the intro to the beginning of the hit TV show “The Odd Couple.”  Ungar moves in with his friend Oscar Madison who is also divorced.  Tony Randall and Jack Klugman deliver in this classic show about two divorced men who live under the same roof in New York City.

Former “Seinfeld” star, Julia Lois Dreyfuss, plays the divorced owner of a gym named Christina in the hit show “The New Adventures of Old Christine.” A lot of the humor comes from her dealing with her idiotic ex-husband who just can’t seem to ever understand her.

“The Golden Girls” have always been golden! I love the character of Dorothy played by Bea Arthur. She’s a strong women who moved on after her divorce. Dorothy’s ex-husband, Stanley, made repeated attempts to get her back throughout the TV series.  A classic case of not knowing what you got until it’s gone!

No Trick, Just Treat

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What is the first Halloween like alone after a divorce? You and your ex probably spent the last many years dressing up in “couple costumes” for parties — Adam and Eve, Tarzan and Jane, George and Martha Washington, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bonnie and Clyde (a little weird when HE wanted to dress up as Bonnie), etc.  If you were close to divorcing at the time of your last Halloween, you may have wanted to hold his head down in the water a bit longer when he was dunking for apples.  Well, you divorced him.  How do you like them apples?!

Those warm Halloween traditions as a couple are now a thing of the past.  What will you be dressing up as for this Halloween now that you are single?  My suggestion is to dress up as a famous divorced woman! Not sure who to choose? Jeez, there are so many from past and present –  Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez, among others. For divorced men, you could dress up as Frank Sinatra, Alec Baldwin, Mel Gibson and Donald Trump, among others.  Find one that suits your style.

Pets & Divorce

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You may be divorcing your spouse, but you are NOT divorcing your pets.  If you’re a couple who didn’t have any children during your marriage, your pets probably filled that role. They need their mommy and daddy too. Pets become attached to you just like you become attached to them. They are used to routine and if one of their owners is gone, their routine is disrupted and it can often be seen in their behavior. They might become antsy and begin looking for the missing owner .

Some divorce agreements include custody by one owner and even visitation rights by the other. I have even heard of stories where couples ran up a high legal bill fighting each other for custody of their beloved pet. Another couple in New York City handled their dog custody in a very healthy way. It was decided that the wife got primary custody of their French Bulldog and the husband got visitation rights.  The husband didn’t want to see his ex-wife when he picked up the dog, so they signed up for a local doggy daycare facility.  When the ex-husband was going to get the dog for the weekend, she dropped the dog off on Friday morning. Her ex-husband picked the dog up after work at the day care. The dog spent the weekend with him and on Monday morning, he dropped him back off at day care. That night, his ex-wife picked the dog up again.  Done and done!  Everybody was happy with the arrangement.

If you and your ex truly love your pet and or pets, you need to find a way to make it work. Just like you want it to be a peaceful transition for you during a divorce, you need to make it that way for your pet as well!