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A Bittersweet Tooth

Category : Divorce Party, Divorce Party Deserts

Divorce Cake by Pink Rose Cakes

It seems that divorce parties are in the air. If you’re planning one for yourself or a friend, a festive cake will be in order. Hopefully, you got a nice “piece of the pie” in the divorce, so a celebratory cake is the natural next step. Just like you cut the wedding cake on your wedding day, you need to do the same at your divorce party with all of your friends looking on. And, for some reason, this cake will taste that much better now the divorce is final.

Taglines on these cakes should always be fun like, “Free At Last!” “See Ya and Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya,” “Divorce Is The New Marriage” and the list goes on and on. What would you put on your frosted feast? Tell us!

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