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Do You Give Back The Ring?

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When a couple breaks off an engagement, what happens to the ring?  Does the woman give it back to the guy if she is the one who breaks up with him?  Or, what if he breaks it off with her?  Does she keep the ring out of spite?  What if the ring is his great great great (I’ll stop there) grandmother’s and its been in his family for ions.  Does the woman show compassion and hand it over, or does she hand it to the pawn broker, instead? 

This may be a moral dilemma.  I assume it depends on how they broke up.  If he cheated and was caught, then she may feel entitled to keep the ring.  Or, maybe her giving it back to him is good karma.  I suggest giving the ring to his mother and telling her what he did.  Then, go to the nearest pawn shop together sell it and hit up Neiman Marcus.  Just an idea.  What do you all think?  What would you do with the ring?

On-Screen Couples Curse

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The “reality show” curse is widely spoken about. You know those couples who are happily married, get cast on a reality show and then their marriage (and show) is kaput. Hulk and Linda Hogan, Jon and Kate Gosselin, and the list goes on. But let’s not forget regular TV shows and movies. There have been lots of couples who have appeared on-screen together when they were married or got married after meeting on the show.  Then, after the director said “cut” they cut the marriage ties.

What do you think it is that drives them apart? Is it Hollywood?  Is it fame?  Is it bad ratings?  Tell me your thoughts.  Here are some famous Hollywood formerly married couples who have appeared on-screen together. 

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz (co-starred together on “I Love Lucy”)

Elizabeth Taylor and Ricahrd Burton (appeared together in the films “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf” and “The Comedians”)

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore (appeared together in the film “Mortal Thoughts”)

Kim Basinger and Alec Bladwin (appeared together in the films “The Getaway” and “The Marrying Man”)

Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith (appeared together in the films “Born Yesterday” and “Paradise)

Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid (appeared together in “Innerspace”)

Olivia Wilde Considers Dating Like A Shark Pool

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Actress Olivia Wilde has been opening up in the new issue of “Marie Claire” about divorcing her husband after eight years, whom she married when she was only 18. The 27-year-old actress said, “I’m trying to be adult, entering the shark pool of dating. But I’m hopeless at it.’

While Wilde is beautiful and linked to some of Hollywood’s most eligable and successful bachelors, she is just like every other girl after a divorce, finding it difficult to navigate romantic relationships again.  “The trauma of the whole thing has been humbling and for the first time I’m a little bit wobbly,’ she says. ‘But I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.’

She seems to be level-headed about dating and wants substance out of a relationship.  ‘I think of myself as being very cool and independent and not jealous, but I like clarity. I ask a lot of questions,” Wilde says.  “A guy recently said to me: ‘Maybe it’s because you were raised by journalists, but you really want facts!’”

What do you think about dating in 2011 after a divorce?

Ringing In The New…Roof?

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I heard a story recently about a priest who found a engagement ring (not cubic zirconia) that was left by someone in the collection plate. The priest had no idea who it was from. He asked at various services if anyone wanted to claim it. Nobody stepped up. He didn’t know what to do. So finally he sold it and put a new roof on the church. Makes sense I guess, right?

Maybe the divorcee got married in that church and wanted to return it to where it all began? Or, maybe it slipped off of her finger when she was putting in a dollar? (Probably not.)

What do you think? Is this a good way to get rid of your ring and move on after a divorce?

Celebrate Your Divorce On Ice

Category : Divorce Party

Champagne to a divorce is just about as important as the divorce decree! If you are planning a divorce party this summer, Moet has just made things even cooler (literally). Introducing the first-ever champagne served with ice — Moet Ice Imperial. Since your marriage is no longer on the rocks, put the champagne on it!

Served in a stylish white and gold bottle, it has a blend of pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay with notes of tropical fruits such as mango and guava, sweet spices like licorice, red fruits and peppermint. Wow, I am getting thirsty already. At that sassy divorce party in the Hamptons this summer, this will be the must-have drink to cool your Manolo heels!

“Sex And The City” on Divorce

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Who doesn’t miss “Sex and The City?!”  Sure, we have the movies, but that’s only once every two years.  That weekly series was so fabulous and is so missed.   Their musings on men, cosmos and fashion were spot on.  What about divorce?  During Season 3 , in an episode entitled “All Or Nothing,” the ladies expressed some of their thoughts about divorce and prenups…

Miranda: Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce.
Charlotte: See, there’s it is again, divorce.
Miranda: I’m sure you’ll live happily ever after. But, I gotta tell ya, I wouldn’t get married without one of these to protect myself.
Carrie: See, I’m safe, what’s he gonna take from me, shoes? (thinks) Wait a minute, maybe I do need one.

“The Break Up” Helped Aniston Get Over Her Own Break Up

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Back in 2006, Jennifer Aniston was not yet over her real-life break up with ex-husband Brad Pitt when she filmed “The Break Up” with Vince Vaughn. She revealed on “Inside the Actor’s Studio” that the movie helped her deal with her divorce and move on with her life.

“It was a beautiful human story about a couple breaking up,” Aniston said. “You know, I was slightly familiar on the topic and the issue.”

The 42-year-old said she thought the film would be good for her because she related to her character, and it might help her to move on with her life. She resisted the producers’ concerns over whether or not she was emotionally ready for the role.

“I honestly felt like, what a great way to sort of exorcise some of that,” she continued. “I was like, why not? Turn the page, let’s move on.”

Still Cooking Up Between Brinkley and Cook

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Will Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook’s ties ever be cut? They finalized their divorce a year ago, but that doesn’t seem to stop the former couple from going to court like I go to Starbucks.

Most recently in court, Cook and his attorneys claim that Brinkley is attempting to sabotage the father’s relationship with his children. He claims that Brinkley refused to turn over son Jack’s passport in a timely fashion, which caused him to miss a school trip to Israel that was supposed to be chaperoned by Cook.

“She is doing everything she can to ruin my relationship with my kids … I am trying to move on with my life and I wish she would do the same,” Cook said.

With these allegations and other violations that Cook is claiming, Brinkley’s lawyer Peter Caronia calls Cook’s claims “without merit and totally disingenuous,” saying that Brinkley was late in handing the passport over because of the death of a friend’s mother and Cook’s refusal to pick it up himself.

He said, she said and lawyers said! Just make it work for the kids already. Isn’t that all that matters at the end of the day? What do you think?

Quote of The Day

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“She is the most wonderful woman, who stood by me through rough times, so she deserves every penny of it.” – Neil Diamond on his $150 million divorce after 26 years of marriage with Marcia Murphey.

These Photos Take The Cake

Category : Divorce Party Deserts

As per my blog entry last week about divorce cakes, my friend Mari forwarded some more cakes along from our friend Leslie. Thanks, ladies! Here are the photos below. What is your fav0rite divorce cake?