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Model Behavior In Divorce

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Model Stephanie Seymour is waving the white flag in the form of a blanket. It has been reported that she has called off divorce proceedings with her husband Peter Brant by returning a sentimental memento to him — a Navajo blanket.

“Let’s get rid of all of these people,” Seymour says she told her husband. “I have more confidence in you, and I would hope that deep down you would have more confidence in me, that we can work this out.”

How is the Victoria’s Secret stunner dealing with this day-to-day. “Of course we’re in therapy,” she said. “And then I have my own therapist, and the kids have theirs, and there is nothing wrong with this.”

Maybe this will inspire celebrities to try to work through their problems rather than file for divorce.

Add Guests to Your Guest List

Category : Divorce Party

These days, it seems almost impossible to get people out of their house. You invite your friends to a party and you never know who is actually going to show. Well, no-show’s are no problem! Now, you can actually hire people to be a part of your next celebration from the Celebrant Institute!

Here at we feel that a divorce is, indeed, a celebration. So why not make your divorce party a festive one with a few extra people to fill up the room!

I think this is a hysterical idea. I also think it is great because they have no idea who you are or more important who your spouse was. Sounds like instant new friends to me! Feel free to give them leftovers as I think they will appreciate it.

There is a site that specializes in this. You can view it by clicking here.

Divorced & Running For President

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Looks like the first lady of Guatemala, Sandra Torres, has divorced her husband to run for president. This has to be the first time something like this has ever happened. “The request for divorce by mutual consent was presented on 11 March to a judge at the second family court,” Supreme Court spokesman Edwin Escobar said. Neither Ms Torres nor President Colom have commented on the divorce petition.

How will that work if she does get elected? Will he be allowed to enter the Guatemalan white house? Will she consult him on matters of state? Did they get divorced so she could run or just because she could no longer live with him and thought the timing was right?

What do you think of this? To read the entire BBC News article click here.

Quote Of The Day

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When asked if the completion of divorce made him relieved, Tiger Woods said, “I don’t think that’s the word, I think it’s just more sadness. Because I don’t think you ever – you don’t ever go into a marriage looking to get divorced. That’s the thing. That’s why it is sad.”

Happily Divorced?

Category : BFF, Celebrity, Television

Happily divorced, is that possible? Fran Drescher and her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson think so! The real-life ex-spouses have written a new sitcom that was just ordered by TV Land for 10 episodes. Her show is based on her past marriage to Jacobson.

The new show is centered around a LA-based florist (played by Drescher) who is dealing with the single life after her realtor husband of 18 years admits he is gay. They even continue to live under the same roof. So it’s basically “Will & Grace” backwards. Grace and Will get married, THEN she finds out he’s gay, they get divorced and become best friends.

I am looking forward to this. What do you think?

Pricey Celebrity Divorces

Category : Celebrity

These days celebrity and divorce seem to go hand-in-hand. In the history of Hollywood, there have been some heavy divorces that have made headlines for their record settlements. Here are five splits that were biggie’s.

Michael Douglas was married to Diandra Douglas for 23 years. In 1997, Diandra filed for divorce and was awarded $45 million.

Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva divorced in 1994 with an $80 million settlement after 16 years of marriage.

Tiger and Elin Woods recent settlement was $110 million when they made the official split in 2010.

Way before Mel Gibson was a regular on TMZ, he had a 28-year marriage to Robyn Moore. They filed in 2009 but haven’t completed the divorce yet.

After eight years of marriage, Madonna paid up to $92 million when she divorced Guy Ritchie.

Whose divorce do you think was big that didn’t make our list?

Post-Breakup Books

Category : Books, Break-Up, Celebrity

Renee Zellweger who recently broke up with actor Bradley Cooper was seen buying The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement by David Brooks. People has been covering the breakup regularly. A source close to the actress told the magazine, “She’s really good. She’s going out with friends and she’s moving on.”

In a recent issue of People I came across an article of what they suggest to read post-breakup. It’s not what Renee bought, but probably helpful all the same. And if you don’t feel like reading them, two out of three were made into movies. Here is what books People recommended. What do you recommend?

“He’s Just Not That Into You” (by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo)

“Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” (by John Gray)

“Sense And Sensibility” (by Jane Austen)

“Cut!”: Film Director’s Marriage Ends

Category : Break-Up, Celebrity

If you are a New Yorker or art aficionado, you have probably heard of acclaimed artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel. His latest movie is based on the book “Mira” by Rula Jebreal. Schnabel was married at the time to his second wife when he met the author/screenwriter in 2007. They began working together and there was an attraction.

Cindy Adams wrote about this in 2008 when the divorce first was announced. Now, with the marriage over and the film released last weekend, the media has been covering this. Schnabel said the following about his first meeting with Jebreal, “I was having an exhibition at the Piazza Venezia in Venice and we met at this dinner and she asked me if I would have a look at this script someone else had written of her book. I thought, I’m sure I won’t like it, but when the girl’s beautiful and you’re a film director, you think, well, why not? I warned her that I almost certainly wouldn’t like it, but I said if you want to send it over, I’ll read it.”

Schnabel’s said his wife’s reactions was, “My wife actually said to my agent, ‘He’ll make a wonderful movie but it will cost us our marriage.’

Well, his wife was right. Now that the movie has been released, do you think Schnabel and Jebreal will last? Here they are together during a recent appearance on Charlie Rose. To watch click here.

BFF’S With Your Ex

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I’m very excited to announce that I’m also writing for the oh-so fabulous site  If you haven’t been over there yet definitely check it out!  It covers everthing from entertainment to cooking to parenting to pets, and much more.  It also covers divorce and I will be contributing articles twice a month to the site.   My first article is entitled, “Staying Friends With Your Ex After A Divorce.”  I feel this is a timely and important topic, especially if you have children together! 

To check out the article click here.