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Divorce In Other Countries

Category : Global Divorce

I was getting my nails done by my manicurist Kim and the topic of divorce came up. She told me that there is no divorce in her home country of Vietnam and it’s extremely rare for a Vietnamese person to get a divorce in the U.S. “Wow,” I said to my manicurist, “Vietnam has really nailed the no divorce thing” (no pun intended). “But, wait! Kim you’re divorced.”

“It’s becoming more popular in the states,” she responded with a chuckle.

I can’t imagine being in a country or society where there is hardly ever divorce. Or, how about no divorce at all. In the Philippines, divorce is illegal. Illegal?! Living in a country like America where it’s quickly becoming “land of the free home of the divorced,” it’s very interesting to see how others live.

Divorce being illegal is too extreme. However, should there be more rules about divorce in the United States so people try to work through their problems rather than jump ship so easily? Or, do you think things are fine here the way they already are?