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Demi Moore Seems Close to Finalizing Her Divorce

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Check out my latest article for YourTango about divorce parties.  Demi Moore is reportedly having one!

The media has been talking about Demi Moore planning a survivor-themed divorce party. It appears that her divorce is close to being finalized with her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher.  Divorce parties continue to be a popular way to move on after a breakup. As a divorce party planner, I am happy that people have found a way to help move past such a difficult time.

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Don’t Make Break-Up Mistakes

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Are you making break-up mistakes? In my latest article for YourTango I offer a list of mistakes that you can’t afford to repeat after your break-up.

Break-ups can be upsetting for both people involved.  While the two of you may be ready to move on, change can be a tough thing for people to deal with.  Many of us make similar break-up mistakes as we make an attempt to move forward. We often look to the past because it represents a comfort zone.

If you recently broke up with someone, here are five break-up mistakes you should avoid. If you do, you will get over your ex faster!

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Best Day to Break-Up

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There is one day of the week to break-up that is better than the others. Which one? Check out my latest article for YourTango to find out the answer. Here is some of that article below:

The day of the week that you officially split from your mate can certainly help a lot with your recovery.  Monday is a terrible day to break-up because Monday’s are just terrible to begin with.  Tuesday is just as bad because you have the entire week ahead of you to be upset at work.  If you break-up with your boyfriend mid-week on a Wednesday, you will probably not want to finish out the work week.  You don’t want to break-up on the weekend because it will ruin two valuable days that are yours.

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Are You Considering A Break-Up?

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My latest article for looks at why someone may want to end a relationship if they’re not happy:
8 Reasons You Should Consider Breaking-Up

Sometimes we get so used to being in a relationship with someone –even a bad relationship– we forget what it felt like when things were good. There are lots of problems, but we avoid them. And when we do see them, we sometimes don’t do anything.

There are many signs that a break-up could be imminent. While cheating is obviously a huge reason to end a relationship, there are many others. And many have to do with some kind of a breakdown in communication. So what are the signs? This list contains reasons that are at the base of every relationship.

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Throw A Singles Valentine’s Day Party

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I have written an article for about how to have fun being single on February 14th. Below is an excerpt from that article.

Host A Singles Valentine’s Day Dinner Party

Being single on Valentine’s Day gives you the option to throw a Valentine’s party and have a great evening with your single friends

There’s no reason that you shouldn’t have fun being single on February 14th. It’s the perfect holiday to celebrate your freedom! Last year, I decided to throw a singles Valentine’s Day party. I’m not single myself, but I was in Los Angeles and my husband was in New York on business. I have lots of single friends in LA and decided to host them all at my home. Some of the people who were hesitant about attending were happy that they came. We all had so much fun! One couple who met at my party really liked each other and are still dating.

Here are some easy tips for hosting a singles Valentine’s Day dinner party.

*Organize a Guest List: Write down the names of all of your single friends that live close by, they could even bring another single friend. Have a positive crowd at the party who will be open to meeting new people.

*Play Matchmaker: Once you finish the list and get your RSVP’s, begin to figure out who would possibly be attracted to each other. Don’t tell your guests prior, “I have someone you should meet.” Let it be a surprise.

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Breaking Up With Compassion

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There are some ways to break up that are unacceptable.  Check out my latest article for Your Tango where I detail 5 ways you should never break up with someone. It can make a big difference!

Here is my article:

We have all been through a break up at some point in our lives. While it usually turns out to be the right decision, it’s tough when you’re going through it. If you’re the one ending the relationship how you deliver the news can make a big difference.

It’s important to use some compassion when moving on. If not, the person on the receiving end of the bad news can be left wondering, Why would they break up with me like that?! Basically, there’s no good way to break up. We would hope our partner would do it with some feeling, but sometimes love is a battlefield. Here are five ways you should never use to end a relationship.

1) Heard it Through the Grapevine: Some people choose to ask another person to do their breaking up for them. Having a friend tell someone that it’s over is not only bad, it’s incredibly cowardly. Do it yourself and deal with the backlash that comes with it.

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Your Tango Experts Blog

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I am very happy to say that I am an “expert blogger” on My first article was launched today. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I am offering readers 8 reasons to end a bad relationship before February 14th.  Check it out by clicking here.