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Same-Sex Divorce Is Not Treated The Same

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Same-sex marriage has been a major part of the news over the past few years.¬†Even though a gay couple may get their wish to be a normal married couple, what happens when they want to be a normal divorced couple?¬† Yes, these days you can’t think of marriage without thinking about divorce. Not that any one enters a marriage to get divorced, but the current stats are proof you have to look at all sides. And if you are a same-sex married couple and want to end your union, it can be tricky. According to CNN, “If a marriage should fall apart in a state that doesn’t recognize the couple’s legal status in the first place, that’s when things get complicated. Some states that do not allow same-sex marriages to be performed also do not grant divorces for same-sex marriages that occurred outside of the state’s borders. It’s a tricky situation when a couple wants to dissolve their same-sex marriage, and neither spouse is a resident of a state that recognizes their marriage as legal and valid.”

So what happens if you’re in a state that doesn’t recognize same sex marriage and you want a divorce….nothing! “And in the case of Port and Cowan, a Maryland judge ruled in 2010 that the state’s constitution could not recognize their divorce, and denied their filing. They were both Maryland residents when they sought to dissolve their marriage, and Maryland was not a state that recognizes same-sex marriage.”

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