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Walk This Way

Category : A New You, Excercise

If you want to feel really empowered, run or walk a marathon.   I’m pretty much of a couch potato, but lately have been trying to become more physically active — working out, walking, you know the drill.  Another year, another opportunity to start moving. After about a month of walking most days, I decided to sign up for a 5K walk –not run — but a “walk.”  Yikes, what did I sign up for? I immediatley thought.  Fortunately a friend of mine was in town and she volunteered to walk with me. Ah, always good to have a partner in crime (crime being to stop at a starbucks while on the walk).  

Well the day approached.  My alarm clock went off at 6am.  I was so anxious that I hardly slept the night  before.   I was really wondering if I could actually do this.  I had climbed mountains — well, mountains with steps — and flown all over the place.  But this was testing my stamina and stick-to-it-ive-ness, much different than everything I had ever done. I got up, looked outside and the morning dawned clear and beautiful.  A little cloud cover, but that was good.  It definitely wouldn’t get to hot. 

Off I went, picked up my friend, and we headed to the sign-in location.  We got a number…now it was official!  The bull horn sounded and we started to walk.  It looked like the turnaround spot was about 100 miles away.  I walked and walked.  We finally hit the turnaround spot, then the long walk back.  Oh my, I actually saw the finish line (and didn’t stop at Starbucks). 

I had done it!  Not to toot my own horn, but I had done it in under an hour.  My arms went up over my head involuntarily, I felt like Rocky when he climbed the steps in Philadelphia.  Folks there is nothing I can’t do.  I am woman, hear me roar!  All I can say is the feeling of euphoria and exhilaration, and the sense that, yes I can do anything is awesome.  Try it…not only are you raising money for a good cause, you are raising your ego for your cause.