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Friends in Post-Divorce

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My latest article ”Friends After Divorce” is up in The Huffington Post.

Denise Richards was interviewed on OWN recently and talked about her relationship with ex-husband Charlie Sheen.  While their divorce seemed to be a nasty one according to press reports, their lives together now appear calm.  The two stars are happy to be spending time together with their children.  In fact, they go on vacations together.  Richards said in the interview, “He knows I don’t judge him and he knows that I will be there for him no matter what — and vice versa.”

When you are going through a divorce, you probably could never think of being friends with your ex.  If you have children together, you need to both think about what’s best for them.  If you are arguing with your ex after the divorce is final, look at why you’re still not getting along.  If each parent is doing what they are supposed to according to the divorce agreement and for the children, then there should be no hostility. It begins with both exes working together for the benefit of the kids. Here are some things to keep in mind as you co-parent with your ex-spouse.

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New Huffington Post Article

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My latest article for the Huffington Post was posted today! It covers how parents need to make sure their children have a fun summer even though they are going through a divorce. Please hit the “like” button and please share the link with anyone you think it may help. Thanks so much!

If you’re going through a divorce, it has nothing to do with your kids enjoying their summer. As parents, you both have to rise above your differences when it comes to the children.

Don’t Let Your Kids Divorce the Summer

Now that school has ended for the summer break, your kids will be around the house much more. So keep a lid on the tension surrounding the divorce even though it may be difficult to do at times. This is important because you want your children to enjoy the carefree atmosphere of summer. Both parents need to keep this in mind. The divorce is tough on kids, but making them live it every day emotionally with you is not fair.

Here are seven ways to make sure your children have a wonderful summer despite the divorce.

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Talk Your Way Into Your Next Relationship

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My latest article for The Huffington Post has been posted. It’s entitled, “Talk Your Way Into Your Next Relationship.” Please hit the “like” button and pass it along to anyone you feel it may help! Below is an excerpt from the article. Thanks so much!!

Married couples who don’t communicate often find themselves in a divorce.  Everybody needs a partner that they can talk with or they will begin to drift apart. If you don’t communicate with your spouse, your spouse may look elsewhere.  So if you got divorced, shouldn’t you try to your best to communicate more effectively in your next relationship?

With texting, email, Facebook and Twitter, there are many ways to communicate without talking these days. And it seems like some people prefer these alternatives.  Sure, sending a text instead calling does save time. However, talking is the best way to work out your problems, especially the ones that can damage your relationship.  Remember, if you want to get married again you still have to say “I do” and you can’t text it!  Here are some ways to help you communicate better with your next partner.

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Living Under the Same Roof Post-Divorce

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Have you heard of ex-spouses still living together after a divorce? It’s happening often these days. Check out my latest article for The Huffington Post that covers this trend. Here is some of my article below:

With the difficult economy, you hear about more and more couples who get divorced and find themselves still living under the same roof.  Often, this is due to financial issues and the inability to sell their home (probably their largest single asset) in a bad real estate market.

With few options available, the most obvious one is for two people to live together in the family home as they wait for it to sell.  If you have children, I think this situation must be really difficult to maneuver .  The divorce is confusing enough for kids to understand without compounding the problem by their parents still living together.  If there are no children, it may be easier to take this path for a short while.  Either way, I can’t imagine it being a picnic living with your ex after a divorce. If you are forced to do this for the time being, here are some tips that may help keep the household peaceful.

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Dating While the Divorce is Being Finalized

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My latest article is up and live on the Huffington Post! It’s entitled, “Dating During Divorce.”  It covers what you may want to consider about being ready or not to date while your divorce is being finalized:
People have mixed feelings about dating while going through the divorce process. While dating someone new can boost your confidence after a break-up, should you wait until the divorce is officially over before seeking out someone new?

Returning to the single life is a major adjustment. However, it also offers an exciting second chance at love. Some people have no issues dating before the divorce is final. Others would rather sign the divorce papers before moving ahead. And still others think they won’t date until the divorce is finalized, but they change their mind when they meet someone new. You just never know when fate will intervene and a new special person will come along.
Here are some reasons that dating during divorce may be the right choice for you:

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When You’re Over An Ex

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When do you know that you’re over an ex?  Check out my latest article for The Huffington Post:

After divorce, we turn to the people who are near and dear to us for support (and perhaps drive them crazy). Then, we tell everyone that we are over our ex. However, even though we are showing a brave front, everyone knows that we are not really past the split yet.

It takes time to put the pieces back together, and nobody can predict how long it’s going to take. Depending on how much time you spent with the person and how it ended, the post-split healing process can be really challenging. But there is no better feeling than when you have come out the other side and put the split — and the relationship — behind you. How do you know when you’re finally over your ex? Here are seven signs that you have moved on.

You don’t talk about your ex anymore: During the split, you probably spoke about your ex a lot with friends and family. When you don’t talk about your ex anymore, it is a good sign that he or she is behind you.

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Coming Together As Parents

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After a divorce, many couples play games with each other instead of focusing on keeping things healthy for the kids. Get your priorities set when it comes to life after a divorce. Check out some tips from my latest Huffington Post article that will help you have the same parenting ideas moving forward as your ex-spouse.

No More Ex Games

While you and your ex-spouse would ideally like to harmoniously co-parent your children, raw emotions from a divorce can often be unpredictable and take over.

If anger exists between you and your ex, it may trickle down to the children. And game playing between you and your former spouse can be more trying on your kids than you can imagine. There should be no “ex games” when it comes to your children. Your children should never be caught in the middle of problems with your ex.

Here are seven things that you and your ex-spouse can do to make things more civilized for the kids.

Plan together: Put any bad feelings aside and create an organized plan with your ex regarding birthdays and holidays. The more organized you both are for these occasions, the better it will be for the kids.

Limit the questions: When the kids come home from visiting your ex, there’s no reason to pepper them with questions about the time they spent there. Listen to them if they want to talk about it, but don’t cross-examine them.

Keep your feelings to yourself: Don’t speak badly about your ex in front of your kids. This will put your children in an uncomfortable position, and you want them to have a healthy relationship with the both of you.

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Keeping Things Positive For The Kids

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My latest article for The Huffington Post entitled, “Memories Light The Corners of Your Child’s Mind,” is up! It’s so important to keep things positive for your kids after a divorce. This article will offer you some helpful tips. Check it out by clicking here.

We All Need Some Help & Support

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We all need some help and like-minded people around us when going through a divorce. But if most of your friends are happily married, how do you find someone who is going through the same issues? You should start your own divorce support group. If you’re not sure how, take a moment to read my latest article for The Huffington Post by clicking here.

Ritualize Your Divorce

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My latest article for the divorce section of “The Huffington Post” came out today. It’s entitled, Ritualize Your Divorce, and covers how I came up with the idea for my ”divorce rituals” as well as the how they helped me move on! To read my article click here.