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Be Prepared

Category : Emergency

Two nights ago, the power went out in parts of southern California and it got me thinking.  (Well, there’s not much else to do with absolutely no lights at night.)  What if you are newly divorced and this type of emergency was always a ”Daddy job?”  Do you know what to do? You need to be prepared, especially if you have children. Kids and pets can get nervous. So now that you’re the head of the household, how do you keep things in order until the lights go back on?

First off, there needs to be a place in your home that’s accessible where everyone can find the following:

1) Flashlights

2) Battery operated radio

3) Candles and matches (make sure you light them)

4) Snacks (granola bars, dried fruit, etc.)

If you have an automatic garage door, do you know how to operate it when you have no power? It isn’t difficult.  There is a lever you pull down, and then you can manually open the garage door.  But it is much better to find out how to do it now, then when you are faced with a total black out and scrambling to find it.

Do you only have a cordless phone? Keep one regular phone that does not need to be charged just in case your cell runs out of battery. If you have an iPhone I suggest purchasing one of those phone charging cases.

Actually there are all sorts of weather related emergencies, and these tips could help you weather all of those storms!  What else do you suggest?