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How to Enjoy the Summer While Getting Divorced

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If you are going through a divorce, you can’t let it take over your life. It’s time to enjoy summer and my latest article for The Huffington Post has some suggestions on you can have fun! Pass this article along to anyone you know who is going through a divorce. Thanks!

While everyone hopes for a quick divorce settlement, it can drag on and take over your time, mind and emotions. It’s up to you to “divorce your divorce.”  It’s inevitable for it to go on, but you can’t let it take over your life.  If you have children, you can’t be in a bad mood around them.  If you are working, you can’t act upset or depressed at the office. When the divorce affects your daily life, you have to do your best to keep it in the correct prospective. It may sound difficult to do, but when you set your mind to it you will be pleased at how much better you will feel. By not letting your divorce take over your life, you can move forward more quickly.

The divorce will eventually be completed and if you don’t live your life during the divorce process, you will look back and be mad at yourself. So how do you live your life during a divorce? Here are seven ways to help you divorce your divorce and enjoy summer.

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Happy Spring

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Today is officially the first day of spring.  Many of us are probably happy that the weather feels spring-like in many areas of the country as well.

Spring represents a new start for nature and you. I just wrote an article for MORE Magazine about how spring can be sprung for divorcee’s. It’s a great time to begin doing all of the things you have been wanting to. The time to start is today. Take a look at how you can “spring into action” by clicking here.

Three Places Where It Is Till Death Do Us Part

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Sometime people get married, trying very hard to make it work and it just doesn’t.  They try therapy.  They try a vacation together.  They try everything they can!  In the end, the couple both realized it’s best to move on.  This seems like a normal scenario in America.  Imagine being in a country where this isn’t a possiblity.  There are three places in the world where divorce is actually illegal.  Yes, ILLEGAL.  Those places are Malta, The Philippines and the Vatican City.   

I can’t imagine what anyone would do under those circumstances.  In those three places it  truly is ”till death do us part!” I assume that one would make sure they are REALLY right for their partner before they go down the aisle.  There are no drunk nights and getting married by mistake like in Vegas.  Sure this kind of lifestyle would cut down on divorce, but nobody deserves to continue to be unhappy if they have a choice.  This isn’t robbing a bank…it’s getting divorced!  Sure people leave marriages too quickly in our society.  But I think most everybody would find it extremely difficult to live as an adult in a society without the option.  What is worse? Going to jail for divorce or being forced to stay in a terrible marriage, which can feel like jail? Is there a divorce jail in those countries?  Should divorce be legal everywhere in the world?

Fear Of Being Alone

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Girl Bed Alone Thoughts

How do you know when you are staying in a relationship because you are afraid to leave and/or fear being alone?

I often see people in long-term relationships – including marriages – that are just not happy nor have they been for ages. It’s as if they have given up on life and just accepted being unhappy as their fate. People often stay together even though their needs are not being met. Maybe they think things will change. Maybe they think they won’t find anyone better. Or, maybe they are afraid to leave. I wonder if they are afraid that they will be alone forever. I fear they would rather settle, than allow themselves to be the person that they really could be, if they give themselves a chance.

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, it can be daunting and scary to get the courage to  leave and then be alone. While it’s an adjustment at first, you will get used to it in time. If you were married for many years, divorce is really difficult. But marriage is not a jail sentence. You don’t have to stay in it if you are miserable. Often you see married couples that have absolutely no interest in each other. They never spend alone time together, and if they have to, they don’t enjoy it.  They don’t really seem to like each other, and probably haven’t for a long time

Many people even live together for many  years, they keep saying they are going to get married, but never do.  They change wedding dates more often than the weather, continually postponing the event.  Are they not really sure of the person they are living with?  Do they fear being alone?  Do they fear they will never find anyone else? Or, are they biding time hoping that their soulmate will still come along?

While breakup and/or divorce is never easy, isn’t it easier than being in an unsatisfying relationship?  How long do you give a relationship before you finalize it or move on?  How long do you give an unhappy marriage before you divorce or move on?