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Put A Divorce Ring On It!

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“Cuz if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it,” sang Beyonce in the hit song Single Ladies.  Well, the same thing goes when you get divorced.  Just like you put a ring on your finger to start your marriage, you need to put one on to end it… a divorce ring!  When I saw this new “divorce ring” put out by Spritzer and Furman, I immediately thought to myself, Great idea!  And why didn’t this come sooner?!  It makes sooo much sense, right?  You want to show the world that you’re free, the ring takes care of that.  And you want to treat yourself, the ring covers that as well.  Win-win for everyone.  You just need $3,200. That’s the only catch. If you have it go for it.  If you don’t, wear something that symbolizes divorce to you (and I don’t mean waving a white flag).

We were thinking of taking your old wedding ring and making it into something new like a necklace, or even sawing your ring in half and making it into earings. Or you could get a custom t shirt made up saying “Divorced and Loving It!”  What do you suggest wearinging to symbolize that you”re divorced?

If you are interested in the “divorce ring,” here is some more info:

Spritzer and Furman “Divorce Ring”
Signed Spritzer and Furman 18K gold and Diamond ring. Set with 4 full-cut diamonds with center trillon diamond.
Size 6 3/4


Materials/Techniques: 18K gold and diamonds
Creator: Spritzer and Furman