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New Divorce party game

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On first glance you may think you are seeing a mature “Girl Scouts Gone Wild” episode being filmed, but in reality you are most likely watching someone play Divorce Dares, the new wearable divorce party game from Burnsy Badges.   It features a beautiful black sash which proclaims “Just Divorced!” on the front with the phrase “Help me earn my Badges!” on the back. Badges? What badges??

This is where it gets interesting! The game comes with 60 adhesive badges that are illustrated to look like embroidered “Scout Style” patches. They have cute names and illustrations that each represent a particular dare or task the wearer must accomplish before the end of the nights festivities.
The Divorcee picks out 20 or so badges based on the name, color or whatever strikes her fancy and then places them on the front of the sash. The others girls in the party have the list which describes what each badge means and what she must do. Let the fun begin as they range from mild to wild and are pretty hilarious! The best part is that many of them require the assistance of a cute guy (or guys) to accomplish. The badges come off the sash as the dares are completed. The Divorcee can even take a pass and hand out up to three of the badges for other ladies in the group to accomplish in place of her. It’s a great way for the Divorcee to open up again, maybe try something new, and even our of her comfort zone, and get off to a fun, fresh start!”

Purchase Divorce Dares on the Burnsy Badges website here

Friends Who Don’t Pick Sides

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My ex-husband and I were friends with a married couple for a long time.  We got divorced and they didn’t.  In fact, they are still married till this day! Even though I got remarried and, so did my ex, we both amazingly stayed friends with this married couple.  My husband and I go out to dinner with them.  My ex-husband and his wife go out to dinner with them.  This is a great example of friends who do not pick sides after a divorce. 

Depending on how bad the break-up was, friends tend to feel awkward staying friends with both exes.  When you bring new spouses into the mix, it can get even more awkward.  Friends will tend to pick sides at that moment, probably because it’s easiest and less complicated.  However, some people, like my friends, go with their heart.  They care for both of us and they want to see both of us, so they do!  Remember, sometimes life is as complicated as we make it. 

What do you think about friend’s picking sides once the divorce happens?

The Things People Say (And Shouldn’t)

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A reader sent me a really funny article.  I was so happy that she shared it with me and I wanted to share it with you! It’s about the 10 things that you should NEVER ever say to a divorcee. We all want to be a friend to a friend in need, but sometimes people say things they really shouldn’t. This article was posted on the adorable and informative site Cafe Mom.

1. “Didn’t you see this coming from the beginning?” Busted! I glimpsed into the future and saw disaster and ruination but planned an entire life with him anyway because I enjoy a good crushing life-blow. Next time around, a little heads-up?

2. “I always hated [insert scorned spouse’s name here].” Do you mean you always hated the man who I thought I would love forever and said so in front of everyone I knew on the best day of my life? Gee, thanks. (If you chose to procreate with scorned spouse, this statement is 168 times more offensive.)

3. “OMG. Do you think I’ll get divorced, too?” The good news for you is that divorce is not contagious. The bad news is you may get divorced for being so damn insensitive and self-centered.

For the complete list and some more laughs click here.

Sometimes It’s Just Over

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are currently living the aftermath of a high-profile celebrity divorce, where after an announcement is made the media digs deeper and deeper to keep the story alive.  However, sometimes a couple both AGREE that it’s time to move on from a marriage.  That’s the story Anthony is keeping to at this time.  He has been accused of cheating and his response, “It was a flight attendant, it was the pilot – I heard it was this guy sitting next to me in a rehab in Houston.  I’ve heard it all.”  While Anthony has seen their divorce story spin in many directions by the press, he is staying with a pretty basic reason for the split — that they both realized it was time to move on.

Anthony doesn’t feel that it’s a big drama and there is no reason to keep going.  “This is not a funeral. This is not a burial,” Anthony said. “This is just two people who came together and just realized. . . I’m saying that it wasn’t sustainable the way it was, and that’s that.  This is “not a funeral” is an inspiring choice of words by Anthony.  True, neither party has died.  They just don’t want to live married to each other any longer.  “People are trying to peg it on things because it was so shocking,” he says of the end of his marriage. “It was like, it must have been something.”

Do you feel that two couples can amicably split when they both realize that it’s just not working any longer?  Can they agree to part as friends, especially if they have children together?  Let me know your thoughts.