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Divorce Party Costumes for Women

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Yesterday we covered some fun divorce party costumes for the men. Today, it’s the women’s turn. There are lots of famous divorced divas out there who have even divorced numerous times and still survived. And dressing up as one of them at your next divorce costume party will get the crowd and yourself in the mood to move on and laugh it up! Here are five fabulous divorced ladies below from Hollywood past and present.  For more costume ideas look to pick up my book The Divorce Ritual.


Liza Minelli

Jane Fonda

Marilyn Monroe

Elizabeth Taylor

Jennifer Lopez

The Cheat Sheet

Category : Cheating

Head over to to see my latest article about your spouse cheating.  I offer-up a “cheat sheet” to help you figure out if your significant other is seeing another.  To read the article and get all of the info click here.