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Divorcee Nail Tip

Category : Beauty

If you are a new divorcee, you are probably interested in two of these things: 1) a new look and 2) saving money. In my new book The Divorce Ritual, I have a whole chapter dedicated to fabulous and inexpensive ways to begin a new you. One area we  have a hard time neglecting is nails. A manicure is always a treat.  My attitude is, no matter what, at least something looks good.  Bad hair days, coupled with  bad cloths days, Ok, but at least our nals look good.  There is nothing like a fresh look on your nails whether you are heading on a date or out with your friends. Well, there is a fun and inexpensive way to curb that expense a bit and still keep things fresh.  It’s called Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. They are strips that you can put on yourself that are made from real nail polish.  Pick your polish strip and have some fun! Join the stip club now (you know what I mean). Check it out by clicking here.

A New Blue You

Category : Beauty

Are you feeling blue about your divorce? Well you shouldn’t, but if you can’t shake it you should go with it! The new trend right now in fashion is blue nail polish. From Jessica Alba to Lady Gaga to Jessica Simpson (pictured above), everybody has gotten into the NEW BLUE. It’s a fun and fabulous color that can brighten up the dreary days of winter. It’s also a very versatile look. You can wear it for a night out or a day at the park. So add a little flavor to your fingernails and go blue!

The Divorce Day Cut

Category : Beauty, Healing

Once you say goodbye to your marriage, it might also be time to say goodbye to your old hairstyle. Something new and a relaxing afternoon of some pampering at your favorite salon will certainly help cure the breakup blues.

If you are looking to get a “divorce day cut,” now is the perfect time. Summer is going to be over in a few weeks and Fall will be upon us. Heading into a new season with a new style is always good timing for any daring cut. One divorce cut that is has made a comeback and seems here to stay is the bob. Now, if you divorced a guy named Bob and it hits too close to home then I understand if you pass on it. But for the rest of you, it is a classic yet trendy style to go for!

Is a bob cut good for you? It shows off your jaw line and neck, so take that into consideration. You can go longer or shorter with it depending on your features and what look you want to go for. Here’s a few options below.

Whatever hairstyle you decide to choose, just treat yourself to a new divorce day cut! You deserve it.

Jennifer Aniston’s Shoulder Length Bob










Ellen Barkin’s Short Bob










Keira Knightley’s Messy Bob