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Music To A Divorce Attorney’s Ears

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When you think about the history of music, there was an era when the husband and wife singing duo was music to everyone’s ears.  Over the years, it seems to have become extinct and if you think deeply about it, you can probably understand why.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to not only be married to someone, but be their business partner in a music act as well.  Taking a vacation together is one thing, but going on tour together performing city after city is quite another. It may very well be the ultimate challenge of endurance for any couple.  That’s probably why so many of them have not only broken up as a performing act, but as husband and wife as well.

Sure, today you have people dating who are working together on movie sets and music tours.  For some, working together can work out if you both have very specific responsibilities and you  allow the other to do their thing and not cross each others boundaries.
But sometimes it’s not easy to work together when you’re married. In fact, you have to go way back to find a husband and wife singing duo in a group or by themselves that were successful.  While Ashford & Simpson and Johnny and June Cash stayed together, these acts hardly exist anymore.  Maybe it’s a lesson to not mix business with pleasure, especially the entertainment business.   Below are five classic husband and wife singing duos that definitely were famous and their divorces equally infamous.

Ike & Tina Turner










Louis Prima & Keely Smith








Sonny & Cher










John & Michelle Phillips







Time To Change Your Play List

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Now that the divorce is final, it’s the time to change your music play list.  All those songs that were special to the two of you are no longer sweet music to your ears.  So, how about taking them off your iPod and adding some new ones that will go along with the new you!

Instead of the song they played at your wedding or the one that was played when you first met or the song you danced to for your first dance as Mr and Mrs., how about adding “I will Survive” and ”It’s Raining Men (that’s the one time you don’t want an umbrella, ladies)!”

What do you think are the best break-up songs?  Comment below with your faves!