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Divorce Advice

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How does a top celebrity divorce lawyer suggest that married couples stay together? Raoul Felder, who was called the “Duke of Divorce” by Us Magazine, offers his tips for couples to have a lasting marriage on  The article entitled, “How to Not Get Divorced, According to a Top Celebrity Divorce Lawyer” is something any couple heading down the aisle should read as well as the couples already married. Here is some of the article:

1) Do your own thing. “Too much togetherness breeds complacency,” says Felder. Have a life outside of your relationship. “If you were single, you’d continue to develop and grow, and that shouldn’t change just because you’re married,” he says. “Otherwise, it becomes like reading the same story over and over again. Even Shakespeare gets boring.” Which is why he also recommends you…

2) Read a book every two weeks. “You have to keep introducing lines of conversation,” he says. “Nobody wants to go to bed with someone knowing exactly what they’re going to say the next morning. Seriously, keep reading. It helps.”

To read the rest of the article click here.

Touchdown For Divorce Attorneys

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I am not a huge football fan, but I couldn’t help take notice of some statistics that would make anybody surprised.  No these statistics are not touch downs and interceptions by your favorite players.  These stats are about divorce in the NFL.  It was reported that 60 to 80% of NFL football players marriages will end.

New York Jet James Dearth said, “What football players go through in their careers can affect their marriages. They endure more physical pain than most other professional athletes. They play an aggressive game with non-guaranteed contracts and have the shortest average career in sports.”

It seems that their sports celebrity status offers them distractions that other men in different careers may not face.  These players are young and thrown into a career with a lot of pressure and fame.  Also, with constant traveling to other cities comes female groupies.  They say the retirement process is just as hard for the players.  Another staggering statistic was that within just two years of retirement 78% of players in the NFL end up jobless, bankrupt or divorced.  I hope these stats change and the players look at the big picture.  They have a unique talent and opportunity and they need to use it to help themselves, their family and others.

What can these athletes and celebrities do to change this?

Superman Single?

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Rumors are swirling around the comic book world that Superman and Lois Lane are headed for a divorce.  With a lot of changes occurring at DC comics they are looking to revamp the series and hinting at a possible break-up.  I have a few questions.  Is Lois getting divorced from Superman or Clark Kent?  Will she get the Fortress of Solitude in the split?  Will she date Lex Luthor just to piss him off?  I heard that Lois is in talks with Maria Schriver’s divorce attorney.  (Kidding)

Here is the report from MSNBC:

Last month, comic book publishing giant DC Comics caused a small media uproar when Superman renounced his U.S. citizenship in the Action Comics #900 issue. At the time, Newsarama wondered how long the change would even be relevant, since a major summer comic series called “Flashpoint” was promising to change the DC Universe, the publisher’s fictional world.

The controversy regarding the status of Superman’s citizenship may indeed be short-lived, as the question of the Man of Steel’s marital status seems poised to take center stage this fall.

While DC hasn’t confirmed or commented on the situation at the time of publication, questions are beginning to emerge within the comics community as to whether Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s 15-year marriage will survive the publisher’s post-“Flashpoint” revamp of their core comic book line in September.

Wow!  Who’s next?  Fred and Wilma Flinstone?  Popeye and Olive Oil?  (Or, wait, were they ever married?) Anyway, for the list of reasons why Superman may be single by the Fall, check out the article with Superman experts chiming in by clicking here

If this goes through I want to throw Lois Lane a divorce party.  Do you think they will get divorced?

Finding The Right Divorce Attorney

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“I’ll be back,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator. However, probably not in this marriage. It was announced that Maria Shriver has just hired Los Angeles divorce attorney, Laura Wasser. This love-child shocker certainly made a complete mess of this seemingly beautiful marriage of 25 years, which is an incredible amount of time in Hollywood. According to, “Maria hasn’t decided yet if she wants to end her marriage,” says one source. Wasser was hired before the news of the affair went public, sources say.”

If you are getting a divorce and seeking an attorney, here are some tips that may help you to find the right person to represent you:

*Ask a family member or friend for a recommendation. It is much better to have some background on the person and a referral, rather than a cold call.

*Do your research. Google the attorney’s you are considering and see what positive and/or negative feedback is out there about them. Of course, you can’t believe everything you read, but this may help a bit.

*Meet the attorney in-person before handing over a retainer. You need to get a feeling for what they are all about and if you can work with them.

*If you do meet them in-person, let them do most of the talking. You certainly know what you’re thinking, so see what they’re thinking.

*If you can, speak with a few attorney’s and see who makes the most sense before making your final decision.