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Sleep Better

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You can certainly have a difficult time sleeping when you’re going through a divorce. However, there are some natural things that can help you get a better night’s sleep. In a new article entitled, “3 Nutrients Linked To A Better Night’s Sleep”  some healthy options are offered to help you get more rest. If you’re going through a divorce you’re probably not sleeping well, so this will be helpful information!

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but the U.S. seems to have become a  nation obsessed with pills. If something doesn’t work right, no worries, there’s  a pill for that.

So when we have trouble sleeping, naturally, we go see the doctor for a  prescription. Who cares that we might try to sleepwalk our way behind the wheel of a car? At  least we’re sleeping, right? Wrong!

If you ask me, prescriptions, especially those with severe and dangerous side  effects, should always be a last resort.

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How to Enjoy the Summer While Getting Divorced

Category : Break-Up, Friends and Divorce, Happiness, Health

If you are going through a divorce, you can’t let it take over your life. It’s time to enjoy summer and my latest article for The Huffington Post has some suggestions on you can have fun! Pass this article along to anyone you know who is going through a divorce. Thanks!

While everyone hopes for a quick divorce settlement, it can drag on and take over your time, mind and emotions. It’s up to you to “divorce your divorce.”  It’s inevitable for it to go on, but you can’t let it take over your life.  If you have children, you can’t be in a bad mood around them.  If you are working, you can’t act upset or depressed at the office. When the divorce affects your daily life, you have to do your best to keep it in the correct prospective. It may sound difficult to do, but when you set your mind to it you will be pleased at how much better you will feel. By not letting your divorce take over your life, you can move forward more quickly.

The divorce will eventually be completed and if you don’t live your life during the divorce process, you will look back and be mad at yourself. So how do you live your life during a divorce? Here are seven ways to help you divorce your divorce and enjoy summer.

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How to Increase Happiness During a Break Up

Category : Health

If you are going through a divorce I am sure you are having many difficult moments.  It’s important to be happy as much as you possibly can because being depressed can take a toll on your body and mind.  It has been reported that health and happiness are both connected to diet.  Increasing your daily dose of fresh veggies and fruits can make a big difference.  In a recent study, the University of Warwick’s 7 a-Day for Happiness and Mental Health, they analyzed the diets of 80,000 people and came to this answer.  

Study author and PhD of University of Warwick Andrew Oswald said “This study has shown surprising results, and I have decided it is prudent to eat more fruit and vegetables.  I am keen to stay cheery.”   

So if you are down during a divorce start eating more vegetables and fruits! (But I think they forgot chocolate on the list…oh well.)

Post-Divorce Diet

Category : Celebrity, Health, Movies

If you’re newly divorced, you probably have some new goals set for yourself. Since you’re probably heading back into the singles scene you may want to get your body back to where you want it to be. Proper diet and excercise is not only good for you physically, but equally good for you mentally.  So with so many diet plans out there, which one do you choose for that post divorce bod? How about the cat woman diet? Yes, I said the cat woman diet. If you have seen the new Dark Knight Rises movie then you saw Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, one of the standout performances in the film. There was a lot of CGI in the movie, but none was used to get her into that tight black body suit. So how did she do it? With a diet filled with lots of healthy anti-inflammatory foods. Find out by clicking here.

Water Is The Way

Category : Health

Has your divorce got your feeling on edge? Are you irritable? Do you feel tense? Do you have low energy? Sure your divorce can take it’s toll on you, but it just might not be only the divorce. New tests show that dehydration can affect someone’s mood.

A research study (published in the Journal of Nutrition) on young women found that a mild state of dehydration was associated with degraded mood, increased perception of task difficulty, and headache symptoms. Interestingly, most aspects of cognitive performance was not affected.Another study with young men (published in the British Journal of Nutrition) found that mild dehydration increased fatigue and tension/anxiety. It also induced adverse changes in vigilance and working memory.

 It is recommended that you drink eight, 8-ounce glasses of water a day. So while you’re on the phone with your divorce attorney, make sure you have a glass of water with you. No need to be angry twice!

Divorce Day Holiday Challenge #7

Category : Health

Along with the holidays come lots of friends and family and a BIG feast. There’s nothing like spending the festive season surrounded by good lovin’ and good food in the oven. Now that you’re divorced, it’s even more important than ever to be around those who have your best interests close to their hearts. So if you followed one of my previous challenges “Accept All Invitations,” you have already RSVP’d for that holiday dinner with your loved ones who will be in attendance.

When you were married and hosted an event, your husband probably did the carving of the turkey, ham or whatever else you chose to eat for the holiday. This years Divorce Day Holiday Challenge #7 is to do the carving yourself. Get in there, stand in front of that meat and take the bull (no pun intended) by the horns and start cutting. If you’re vegetarian and have a tofu turkey, carve away baby! This is another sign that you now are on your own, independent and standing strong for the holidays in front of the dinner table with your friends and family looking on.  Pass the dish along to your guests and know that whenyou cut each piece, you’re becoming more at peace with yourself . Enjoy the dinner, conversation and laughter because that’s what the holidays are all about.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Category : Health, Holidays

If you have been divorced recently,  there are many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Most importantly, you had the strength to move on, so be thankful for that and your new life ahead!

You will probably get invites from friends and family for the holiday. Since your break-up, you may have been on an excercise routine to get that post-divorce body back. This is just the beginning of the holiday season, so it can get difficult from here onward. Lots of parties and events withgreat food and drink. I am not saying to not eat and enjoy. But moderation is key. Below are some foods that you should try to stick to on the Thanksgiving table for the most health benefits.

*Turkey is filled with protein so it’s a good item to go after if you’re not a vegetarian. Go with the white meat. It has less calories and more proteins than dark meat. Stay away from the stuffing though.

*Much better to go with the cranberry sauce than the gravy on your turkey. Cranberries are high in anti-oxidants, fiber and vitamin C.

*Yams are a fabulous source of fiber. They are also a solid source of vitamins C, B1 and B6.

*Stick to the green veges like broccoli and green beans. Also, cauliflower is very healthy. Stay away from cooked carrots as they are high in sugar.

*For desert, try to stick to fresh fruit. I don’t mean the fresh fruit encased in a pie crust with whip cream on top. Try to have some willpower at the end of your dinner.

If you want to not succumb to all of the goodies and make it through the appetizers of delicious cheese, it’s always helpful to drink a protein shake right before you go to the Thanksgiving event. This will curb your appetite a bit and hold you off until the main course. Here is a berry whey protein shake recipe below.


8 oz. almond milk (or, rice milk)

½ cup fresh or frozen organic blueberries

1 scoop Jay Robb vanilla whey protein powder

2 T. organic ground flax seeds

½ tsp. ground cinnamon


Mix in a blender with a few ice cubes if desired.


257 calories, 8 g. total fat, 4 g. saturated fat, 1 g. monounsaturated fat, 3 g polyunsaturated fat, 13 mg. cholesterol, 340 mg. sodium, 19 g. carbohydrate, 6 g. fiber, 6 g. sugar, 29 g. protein, 600 IU vitamin A, 11 mg. vitamin C, 100 IU vitamin D, 16 IU vitamin E, 33 mcg. folate, 254 mg. calcium, 60 mg. magnesium, 4 mg manganese, 1.3 mg iron, 100 mg. phosphorus, 731 mg. potassium.

Younger Skin

Category : Health

If you are recently divorced and have been hitting up the gym that’s great!  Working out helps the body and mind.  However, don’t forget taking care of the body from the inside out.

Miracle wrinkle creams can often be a miracle if they work.  Eating healthy is a simple, sure-fire way to look and feel great.  A divorce can put a lot of stress on you, which can take a toll on your skin.  That mandatory pint of break-up ice cream is behind you and it’s time to for fresh, healthy foods.  Eating healthy foods will keep really change your life.  If you are consistent with it you will see results fast.

Below are some healthy things to incorporate into your life post-divorce and beyond for more youthful looking skin:

1. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. This will keep you skin hydrated and looking fresh.

2. Berry’s like blueberries and strawberry’s are low in sugar and filled with antioxidants.

3. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables. These will make a difference in our body inside and out, helping your hair, nails and complexion.

4. Sleep is very important. This will help with dark eye circles and energy levels so you don’t eat sugar during the day to keep going.

5. Wild salmon will help your skin stay plump and radiant.

6. Tomatoes contains lycopene, which can shield skin from sun damage.

7. Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene, which will keep your skin smooth.

Let Go Of The Divorce

Category : Healing, Health

A divorce is one of the most stressful things a person can go through in their life. Studies have shown that whenever you get stressed or upset, you actually release certain chemicals that are toxins into your own body.

It’s essential to keep your stress levels down during the divorce. Remember, it’s going to be what it’s going to be, so no need to continually upset yourself. You have to let go of the divorce as much as you can. Below, I have some relaxing things to do that will not only help you stay zen, but also sane.

*Going for a thirty minute walk can do wonders. It will not only help with stress, but it will also clear your mind.

*Sign up for a yoga class. Not only will you be taking care of your body and keeping your muscles loose and limber, but you may even meet some new and interesting people who care about health and feeling good. There are many free classes offered, just look online in your area.

*Closing your eyes and meditating can really help get you centered. Just take twenty minutes out of your day and afterwards all that bothered you will magically seem a lot less important.

*A massage is a great way to relieve some pesky stress. If you can’t afford a massage just take a moment to close your eyes and rub your own temples or massage your own ear lobes. A little can go a long way.

*Take 30 minutes out of your day to shut off your phone and TV and do something you enjoy in peace in quiet, whether it be knitting, writing or reading a book.

*There is nothing like a relaxing bubble bath with dim lights and a candle. It’s time to soak your worries away!