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Still Cooking Up Between Brinkley and Cook

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Will Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook’s ties ever be cut? They finalized their divorce a year ago, but that doesn’t seem to stop the former couple from going to court like I go to Starbucks.

Most recently in court, Cook and his attorneys claim that Brinkley is attempting to sabotage the father’s relationship with his children. He claims that Brinkley refused to turn over son Jack’s passport in a timely fashion, which caused him to miss a school trip to Israel that was supposed to be chaperoned by Cook.

“She is doing everything she can to ruin my relationship with my kids … I am trying to move on with my life and I wish she would do the same,” Cook said.

With these allegations and other violations that Cook is claiming, Brinkley’s lawyer Peter Caronia calls Cook’s claims “without merit and totally disingenuous,” saying that Brinkley was late in handing the passport over because of the death of a friend’s mother and Cook’s refusal to pick it up himself.

He said, she said and lawyers said! Just make it work for the kids already. Isn’t that all that matters at the end of the day? What do you think?

Putting Away Pictures

Category : Children

Maybe your divorce is finally final. Or, maybe it’s about to be final. Either way, you are hopefully moving on both physically, mentally and emotionally. One of the aspects of moving on is doing something with all of the photos that still might be floating around the house. That photo of you and your ex in Cancun on the fridge seems a bit counterproductive at this point, right? So what do you do with all of these photographs that have been collected over the years?

You are now free to take the photos down and either burn them or throw them out or put them in a box tucked way in the back of your closet. However, if you have children together with your ex-spouse, throwing the photos away could be a real problem. Perhaps, you should allow the children put the family photos that they like in their own room. When you clean their room, you will have to be strong when you go in there and see them. But you need to realize that it’s not just about you and your ex. It’s about the kids and photos bring them happy memories.

The Kids Are Alright

Category : Celebrity, Children

In recently celebrity news Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are getting a divorce. You may wonder why I am reporting on this because I don’t even know who they are (or didn’t know). I was googleing around and looking up children and divorce because oftentimes they are the saddest casualty of a nasty divorce. I came across an article that spoke about how they are keeping it civil for their son’s sake.

Ashlee and Pete (pictured with their son Bronx above) don’t have plans to get back together, but they are focusing on getting along and making it an amicable divorce to keep peace. The three of them were even seen spending time together in the wake of the divorce. Ashlee was even quoted recently saying about Pete, “He’s my best friend in the world, and he’s an amazing dad,”

Even though this is a young couple, they are clearly handling it really well. Especially, in the media spotlight. Seriously, hats off to the couple for staying focused on what matters most. Do you think people will take their lead?