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New Divorce TV Show

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With so much divorce these days in America, there are more and more TV shows being made that are centering around it. “Happily Divorced” with Fran Drecher is a hit, so others seem to be on the way.  In fact, ABC just ordered a new pilot for a show entitled, Divorce: A Love Story. The half-hour comedy centers around a recently divorced couple, who were bad together but discover they’re even worse apart.  Then, they can’t seem to stay out of each other’s lives.

I can’t imagine two people being worse apart after a divorce! Maybe this show will prove that two people can be friends after a divorce. We will see how it all works out if this pilot gets picked up after it’s made.



Donated Her Wedding Dress After a Divorce

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Reality-TV star Brandi Glanville of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills announced via Twitter that she is donating   the gown she wore during her wedding to her ex-spouse Eddie Cibrian. She decided to donate her wedding dress two years after the divorce was finalized. Glanville wrote, “I donated my wedding gown to a soon to be army wife & I still haven’t heard about who received it! Well I hope it makes someone very happy.”

This shows that even two years after a divorce is finalized there is still some healing to do. I think it is definitely a good idea to get rid of the wedding dress if looking at it brings on too many stressful memories.  Not to mention, if you want to get married again I doubt you would wear the dress a second time. To read more about Glanville donating her dress click here.

The New TV Show “Chained to My Ex”

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TIED UP: Divorced couples forced to keep living together is no longer uncommon, says a new series called “Chained To My Ex.”

There is a new series on MSNBC that is getting a lot of attention and with the divorce rate around 50% right now I can see why.  It’s called “Chained to my Ex” and it seems like a reality show meets doc series that is about when a couple gets divorced and has to continue living together.  Couples are distraught and battling with breaking up but still being in each others lives.  Sounds like a lot of drama. This seems like a real eye-opener for anybody who is considering a divorce.  

Tune in this Sunday night at 9 p.m. on MSNBC. Watch the trailer by clicking here.

The Divorce Ritual In Australia

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This past week, I had a lot of fun promoting my new book The Divorce Ritual. I was interviewed about divorce parties on one of Australia’s most popular morning programs, ”The Morning Show.”  You can watch it by click here.

It’s About Respect

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It’s always a shame after a couple’s divorce is finalized– whether, they are famous or not — when they start talking about the reasons why it didn’t work in a negative fashion.  At that point, what’s the point?

During an interview with Piers Morgan this past Monday, actor Kelsey Grammer said his ex-wife Camille was just interested in his status as Frasier and not him as Kelsey the person.  “I think she married me because I was ‘Frasier,’” he boldly said.

Why was Kelsey interested in Camille?  It had nothing to do with the fact that she was a beautiful, young, former Playboy model?  For both of them, I am sure these factors played out in their initial attraction.  But one would assume and hope that they loved and respected each other as human beings at some point in their marriage.  They had beautiful children together and Kelsey needs to focus on the positives.  In fact, Kelsey should keep quiet for the sake of his children because Camille is, and will always be, their mother.  At this point in their lives, it’s about respect.


Divorced TV Characters We Love

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With Fran Drescher’s new show “Happily Divorced” being brought back for another season on TV Land, it got me thinking about all of the strong, divorced female and male characters on television shows throughout the years. Below are some of the ones that have made a lasting impression on me as well as TV audiences across the globe.

One of my favorite characters from “Sex and the City” is Charlotte York. After dating a lot of men, Charlotte found what she thought was true love with Trey MacDougal and they got married. His mother causes a sea of problems and drama for poor Charlotte. After Trey couldn’t commit to having a child or separating from his mother , Charlotte eventually divorced him and found love with her divorce lawyer Harry Goldenblatt.  They marry and, for Charlotte, the second time proves to be a charm!

“Desperate Housewives” fans all enjoy watching the divorced girl next door, Susan Delfino, played by Teri Hatcher. Susan has spent many seasons trying to find love on Wisteria Lane.  The shows creator Marc Cherry once said, “I knew Susan was going to be my anchor character, and I didn’t really know my take on her at first. And then it occurred to me that one of these women should be divorced.”

“On November 13th Felix Ungar was asked to remove himself from his place of residence.  That request came form his wife.” That was the intro to the beginning of the hit TV show “The Odd Couple.”  Ungar moves in with his friend Oscar Madison who is also divorced.  Tony Randall and Jack Klugman deliver in this classic show about two divorced men who live under the same roof in New York City.

Former “Seinfeld” star, Julia Lois Dreyfuss, plays the divorced owner of a gym named Christina in the hit show “The New Adventures of Old Christine.” A lot of the humor comes from her dealing with her idiotic ex-husband who just can’t seem to ever understand her.

“The Golden Girls” have always been golden! I love the character of Dorothy played by Bea Arthur. She’s a strong women who moved on after her divorce. Dorothy’s ex-husband, Stanley, made repeated attempts to get her back throughout the TV series.  A classic case of not knowing what you got until it’s gone!

“Sex And The City” on Divorce

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Who doesn’t miss “Sex and The City?!”  Sure, we have the movies, but that’s only once every two years.  That weekly series was so fabulous and is so missed.   Their musings on men, cosmos and fashion were spot on.  What about divorce?  During Season 3 , in an episode entitled “All Or Nothing,” the ladies expressed some of their thoughts about divorce and prenups…

Miranda: Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce.
Charlotte: See, there’s it is again, divorce.
Miranda: I’m sure you’ll live happily ever after. But, I gotta tell ya, I wouldn’t get married without one of these to protect myself.
Carrie: See, I’m safe, what’s he gonna take from me, shoes? (thinks) Wait a minute, maybe I do need one.

Happily Watching “Happily Divorced”

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Last night, I watched the premiere of Fran Drescher’s new sitcom “Happily Divorced.” REALLY cute show! On the show, Fran has been married to the same guy for 18 years only to have him tell her in bed that he is gay. “But we just had sex during Leno,” Fran says. “How gay can you be?”

This sitcom actually mirrors Fran’s real-life as that is exactly what happened to her with her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson. In the series, she and her husband still continue to live together while getting a divorce because he cannot afford to get his own place. This of course allows lots of opportunities for great comedic action. But it also raises the question, under what circumstances could you live with your ex?

“Happily Divorced” airs on TV Land Wednesday nights (10:30 Eastern and Pacific; 9:30 Central). Don’t miss it! To watch Fran, Jacobson and her co-star John Michael Higgins in a recent TV interview on “Joy Behar” promoting the show click here.

Happily Divorced?

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Happily divorced, is that possible? Fran Drescher and her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson think so! The real-life ex-spouses have written a new sitcom that was just ordered by TV Land for 10 episodes. Her show is based on her past marriage to Jacobson.

The new show is centered around a LA-based florist (played by Drescher) who is dealing with the single life after her realtor husband of 18 years admits he is gay. They even continue to live under the same roof. So it’s basically “Will & Grace” backwards. Grace and Will get married, THEN she finds out he’s gay, they get divorced and become best friends.

I am looking forward to this. What do you think?

Marriage And Reality Shows

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Khloe Kardashian and her LA Laker husband Lamar Odom just scored a slam dunk — their own TV show! The married couple just announced their new reality show will be airing on the E! Network.

“Ok dolls, it’s official! Lamar and I will soon begin filming our very own show on E!,” Khloe announced on her blog. “WOOOOHOOOOOOOO! How exciting is this?! It’s been an option since we got married, but we wanted to enjoy our first year in private.”

With the newest married couple reality show to hit the airwaves I began to wonder if Married Couple + Reality Show = Divorce? Nick and Jessica, Whitney and Bobby, Britney and Kevin all had reality shows based on their marriages and they all ended up in divorce. On the other hand, Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel recently did a spinoff with her husband called Bethenny Getting Married and they’re still together.

Do you think it’s a good idea to put your marriage on display for all to see on reality TV? Check out a recent article on about the reality TV divorce curse!