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New Divorce party game

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On first glance you may think you are seeing a mature “Girl Scouts Gone Wild” episode being filmed, but in reality you are most likely watching someone play Divorce Dares, the new wearable divorce party game from Burnsy Badges.   It features a beautiful black sash which proclaims “Just Divorced!” on the front with the phrase “Help me earn my Badges!” on the back. Badges? What badges??

This is where it gets interesting! The game comes with 60 adhesive badges that are illustrated to look like embroidered “Scout Style” patches. They have cute names and illustrations that each represent a particular dare or task the wearer must accomplish before the end of the nights festivities.
The Divorcee picks out 20 or so badges based on the name, color or whatever strikes her fancy and then places them on the front of the sash. The others girls in the party have the list which describes what each badge means and what she must do. Let the fun begin as they range from mild to wild and are pretty hilarious! The best part is that many of them require the assistance of a cute guy (or guys) to accomplish. The badges come off the sash as the dares are completed. The Divorcee can even take a pass and hand out up to three of the badges for other ladies in the group to accomplish in place of her. It’s a great way for the Divorcee to open up again, maybe try something new, and even our of her comfort zone, and get off to a fun, fresh start!”

Purchase Divorce Dares on the Burnsy Badges website here

Alone Time

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After a divorce, everyone needs a breather. Sure we all want to jump right into our new lives, but emotions and stresses from your ex probably drained you. Sometimes it’s good to just back in touch with yourself. During your marriage, you lived your life for two and now you’re living for just one. It’ s a good idea to take a little time to get used to that again along with getting re-centered.  Between family, attorneys and your ex coming at you from all angles, being by yourself for a little bit might just be one of the best post-divorce moves you could make.

People who have been married for a long time sometimes don’t know what to do with themselves alone. It’s almost as if they forgot how to be alone after a break-up. This is good excercise to show yourself that being alone is a good thing and it is actually enjoyable. Go to a local museum alone and soak in the art. Or, go to a movie alone. This is a great one because you can see whatever you want and you don’t have to share your popcorn. Spring is also a great time of year to enjoy some alone time. You can go for a weekend getaway alone. It can be as simple as a trip to your local beach or maybe a spa day with some relaxation for your body and mind.  You can also take see a play or find a local book signing with an author you admire. How about going for a long jog or a long drive with the windows open and your favorite song playing.  You can sit in a park with a book or ride a bike for some excercise. Whatever you decide to do alone enoy the peace that comes along with it! You deserve it!!

Walk This Way

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If you want to feel really empowered, run or walk a marathon.   I’m pretty much of a couch potato, but lately have been trying to become more physically active — working out, walking, you know the drill.  Another year, another opportunity to start moving. After about a month of walking most days, I decided to sign up for a 5K walk –not run — but a “walk.”  Yikes, what did I sign up for? I immediatley thought.  Fortunately a friend of mine was in town and she volunteered to walk with me. Ah, always good to have a partner in crime (crime being to stop at a starbucks while on the walk).  

Well the day approached.  My alarm clock went off at 6am.  I was so anxious that I hardly slept the night  before.   I was really wondering if I could actually do this.  I had climbed mountains — well, mountains with steps — and flown all over the place.  But this was testing my stamina and stick-to-it-ive-ness, much different than everything I had ever done. I got up, looked outside and the morning dawned clear and beautiful.  A little cloud cover, but that was good.  It definitely wouldn’t get to hot. 

Off I went, picked up my friend, and we headed to the sign-in location.  We got a number…now it was official!  The bull horn sounded and we started to walk.  It looked like the turnaround spot was about 100 miles away.  I walked and walked.  We finally hit the turnaround spot, then the long walk back.  Oh my, I actually saw the finish line (and didn’t stop at Starbucks). 

I had done it!  Not to toot my own horn, but I had done it in under an hour.  My arms went up over my head involuntarily, I felt like Rocky when he climbed the steps in Philadelphia.  Folks there is nothing I can’t do.  I am woman, hear me roar!  All I can say is the feeling of euphoria and exhilaration, and the sense that, yes I can do anything is awesome.  Try it…not only are you raising money for a good cause, you are raising your ego for your cause.

Balancing Act

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Balancing your new life after a divorce is so important. When you’re going through the divorce, you’re  usually about as balanced as an earthquake.  However, when you get past it all, you need to put your best foot forward and try not to fall because life can certainly be a high wire act!

Many people complain that their marriage didn’t have the right balance to it. That their relationship became about business instead of remaining a mixture of both work and love.  That both spouses were all about the kids and they never spent time with just each other.  That one spouse was working all of the time and the other one was home waiting. Life isn’t easy and balance is often a difficult thing to maintain.  I try every day to balance it all and it’s never an easy task.  I suggest creating more balance in your life.

If you’re still married, then you definitely need to focus on balance. If you’re divorced and starting a new life, try your very best to balance all that is new and being put in front of you. 

*Balance your role as single mother and single woman on the dating scene. 

*Balance being a working professional and someone who also likes to have a good time.

*Balance driving the children to soccer practice and getting some “me” time.

*Balance your family life and your life with your closest friends.

*Balance a healthy diet with letting go once in a while.

Moving On, But Not Out

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If you been through a divorce and decided to keep and live in the marital residence, it’s often not easy at first. Many can’t afford a complete home makeover and feel a bit uncomfortable in the same house now that they are alone. It’s important to change things around a bit and there are lots of ways that don’t cost any money.

You have rearranged your life by getting a divorce, so it would be great to rearrange your furniture as well! It’s a simple, cost-effective and positive way to get some new atmosphere going in your dwelling. Moving things from one room to another and switching the position of the couch and the television can really do a lot to make you feel like the home is yours and you’re moving on.

The folks over at had some great tips for rearranging your furniture:

Have a friend help. It makes moving heavy pieces a lot easier, it provides you with a second opinion, and it gives you the energy to keep going.

Map out ideas with a sketch or a free online program (like this Arrange-a-Room planer).

Have a plan, but don’t be afraid to change it. We never know what something’s going to look like until we see it in place.

Use your largest pieces as anchors for the space. Move sofas, large tables, and large storage pieces first and rearrange your smaller furniture around them.

Clear out space. If an arrangement isn’t working, try removing one or two pieces of furniture. Many people have too much furniture, and by taking a big item out of the equation you can open up a whole new set of possibilities.

Don’t be afraid of empty space. If you really need a new piece to make your furniture arrangement work, leave that space empty for a little while, and take some time to find the right item.

The Simple Life

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Remember when you were back in your teen years and fell in love for the first time. All you wanted to do with your free time was spend it with your boyfriend. It didn’t matter if you were just sitting next to each other on his parents couch watching a movie or walking in the local park holding hands, even the uneventful things were an event.

As we get older, our expectations certainly rise for what we consider a good time or a memorable date in general. We expect much more out of a partner and often become entertainment directors ourselves in the process. However, let’s not forget about the simple things you can share as a couple in life. If you begin dating again after a divorce and find yourself falling for someone, I ask you to remember to go back to the simple enjoyments once in a while. Sure you can go to that new hot five star restaurant. A trip to Punta Cana is certainly memorable as well. But don’t forget a trip together to the local beach filled with kids and sand castles. Go to the supermarket together and cook a meal at home. Or, have a picnic in the park and enjoy the fall foliage or a spring breeze as a couple.

Living life to the fullest after a divorce is filling it with great people and simple pleasures that you can enjoy together.


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Any year that begins with 1/1/11 has no where to go but up! The New Year has come and with it has come opportunities for a new you. It is time to take control of our lives and to go forward in the direction we want our lives to take. It is a wonderful opportunity to move in a positive direction. Today is a good day to reflect and plan and then make those moves, take those steps and be your best person. Go for it!