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Holiday Divorce Ritual

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The Jewish community enjoys going out for Chinese food and a movie on Christmas Day. If you’re recently divorced and don’t want to stay home for the holidays, this divorce ritual is about making a reservation.  You probably haven’t had Chinese food on Christmas Day before, but you will enjoy the meal.  As you can see by the photo above, they appreciate it!

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New Article for Divorced Moms

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I have written a new article for  It’s entitled, “Divorce Rituals Can Help Your Kids Navigate the Holidays.”

Being divorced during the holidays can be really difficult for you and your children, especially during that first year after the divorce.  You have an obligation to help your kids move forward and deal with the fact that their parents just got divorced.  The holidays are a time that children want to be around their family.  It can take some time to get adjusted to not having their parents together.  You need to try to keep things comfortable for them as you navigate your ex and keep a peaceful and festive atmosphere around your home.

Whether you’re getting along or not with your ex at this time, the interests of your kids comes first. They will want to see their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents on both sides as they have always done on the holidays.  So you need to communicate with your ex about making the time as stress free as possible – Christmas Eve with one parent, Christmas day with the other, etc. The goal is to make the holidays as smooth, fun and comfortable as possible for the kids.

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Meet Someone New During the Holidays

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Here is my latest article for The Huffington Post entitled “10 Ways To Meet Someone New During The Holidays.”

A really good thing to know about being single during the holidays is that you’re not the only one. There are other people who are not in a relationship during this holiday season and are looking to get to know someone new over eggnog.

The holidays are a great time of the year to meet people. From shopping to dinners to holiday parties, there’s a festive spirit in the air. You don’t have to only think about meeting a new love interest at these places. You can also make new friends and maybe that new friend may know someone you might like to go on a date with. It’s the season to spread holiday cheer and be open to new adventures. So enjoy going out in your area! Here are 10 ways you might meet someone new during the holidays.

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Greeting Card For Your Ex?

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Do you still send your ex a holiday card after a divorce? For years, I just let the holidays go by. Then, I realized that we had spent so many holidays and birthdays together. You just can’t forget the whole thing.

I did some thinking about it. I vote on sending your ex a card. I believe that you seem like the bigger person. But I don’t recommend sending a holiday card with a photo on the cover of you and your new lover on vacation. You might want to send something a bit more conservative.

Consider this card a peace offering (see the card above)!

Now, if your ex has a current significant other you may want to take that into consideration. They may get upset if you send your ex a card. So if your ex will wind up getting into an argument, you may not want to send a holiday card. Or, on second thought, you may definitely want to send one.

Thanksgiving As A New Divorcee

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Thanksgiving Day

I wrote an article for The Huffington Post about divorce and Thanksgiving. If you’re newly divorced, it may be helpful. Hope you enjoy it!:

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re thankful for this year. If you’re newly divorced, you’re probably thankful to be free and moving on. However, the holidays can still be a difficult time for anybody who has been recently divorced. In fact, Thanksgiving kicks off the string of holidays that I like to refer to as “the big four” — Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day.

To read the rest of the article click here.

The Next Chapter Podcast

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I recently did a podcast interview with The Next Chapter, a wonderful site that helps women through divorce. We discuss my book “The Divorce Ritual: Get Up, Get Out and Get On With Your Life” as well as share some helpful tips. You can listen to it by clicking here. Follow The Next Chapter on twitter.

Your Tango Experts Blog

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I am very happy to say that I am an “expert blogger” on My first article was launched today. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I am offering readers 8 reasons to end a bad relationship before February 14th.  Check it out by clicking here.

Staying or Leaving for the Holidays?

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When you’re divorced the holidays can certainly take its toll. This reader sent me an email and wanted to know if she should get out of town till the whole holiday hoopla blows over.


Wishing you happy holidays. Love the blog and all of your tips. So so so helpful! After Thanksgiving and with the holidays coming up, I started to feel a lot of anxiety.I was divorced four months ago and while I am telling everyone I am over my ex, I still have some healing to do. I enjoyed seeing my extended family for Thanksgiving at my cousins, but I felt I was putting on a happy face when inside I was down. I was thinking of heading out of town for ten days for the holidays, but don’t want to hurt my family who is trying extra hard because they know it’s my first year alone.  Should I book the flight?


Hi Cameron,

Happy holidays to you. I know the holidays are rough when you first get divorced, but the good news is that it gets better each day as you go forward.  The great thing about being divorced is that you finally have the freedom to make decisions in your life for just you.  If you feel like going away for the holidays then you should.  Your family seems loving and supportive. I am sure they just want to see you happy. So if you tell them that is what you feel you need for the holidays, I have a feeling they will understand.  This new period in your life has to be about you. You need to regroup and move forward in the New Year with the best mind-set possible.  If going away will push you in a positive direction then you should go for it! Don’t forget to email us and tell me how the trip is going. Whatever you decided, remember to just have fun this holiday season!


Throw A Halloween Divorce Party

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Find out how to plan your Halloween Divorce Party by reading my latest article for by clicking here.

Halloween Isn’t Scary If You’re Divorced

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Halloween is right around the corner and if you’re newly divorced and have young children, it’s sure to be an adjustment during this holiday for your kids. When it comes to trick-or-treating you probably went with your husband and kids throughout the neighborhood or apartment complex as a family. Just because you’re not married any longer does not mean the trick-or-treating stops.

If you can get together with your ex and bring the kids out together that would be great.  If you and your ex aren’t on the best of terms, you should have the kids go trick-or-treating twice.  Spend and hour in your neighborhood and ask your spouse to pick up the kids and have them spend in hour in their neighborhood.  Twice the treats for the kids and the holiday still goes on! So make some plans this week with your ex if you haven’t already and put the kids first. Holidays are the times you all need to be civil and come together.